Takeaways from the March 8, 2016, primaries

Against All Odds, Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan.

Hillary Did Not Get the Expected Black Vote in the North.

Sanders Wins Largest Muslim Arab-American City in the Country.

Sanders Wins 81 Percent of the Youth Vote, but Clinton Makes Gains.

Trump Keeps Expanding His Lead, Wins City With High Arab-American Concentration.

Source: The Real News Network.


Via Corrente and naked capitalism

Tonight’s result is bad news for Hillary Clinton, and not just because she lost.  The two candidates who won, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, have performed well in Michigan with anti-trade messages, pointing to potential trouble in the Rust Belt in a general election against Trump.  And Sanders’s showing tonight means he isn’t going anywhere: The primary could go until May, or later.

Source: The New Republic

Now that Rubio is collapsing, Kasich becomes the last hope of the “establishment” next week, and he may be able to go from a decent showing in Michigan to a victory in Ohio.  It would be better for Kasich if Rubio quit immediately.  It’s funny to think that just a few weeks ago it was Rubio’s camp that was demanding this very thing of Kasich.  Just a week before the Florida and Ohio primaries, it is clear that Kasich’s campaign is still alive and Rubio’s is finished.

Source: The American Conservative

Watching the Trump victory presser, you kind of get the sense that Donald Trump has momentarily forgotten he’s running for president.  He’s obviously deeply deeply stung by all the talk about Trump Water, Trump Steaks, etc.  They’re all totally awesome.  And now they’re all set out on a table at Trump’s victory speech.  I cannot wait to see how things go at Trump’s State of the Union.

Source: Talking Points Memo


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