Not all white people are ‘privileged’


Via George Chidi and Mike the Mad Biologist

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4 Responses to “Not all white people are ‘privileged’”

  1. Deb Meeker Says:

    The very accidental fact people are born white in this country, automatically gives them some degree of white “privilege”. No matter how poor, uneducated, or useless to society – poor whites are just that – white. There will always be populations that are considered “less than” in the US. White privilege will never be bestowed on them. Many Americans still and will into the future believe that the poorest, least educated white, is still a step above any Black, Brown or Yellow people.


    • philebersole Says:

      I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. I would never judge an individual as useless, let alone a whole category of people, based on their income level and lack of educational credentials.

      As a contrary example, former Attorney General Eric Holder has an elite income and excellent educational credentials, but his main main career achievement has been to protect Wall Street financiers from prosecution, which I don’t regard as useful to society.


  2. Deb Meeker Says:

    So then what exactly is the value of Eric Holder?
    My point was that regardless of rich or poor, Whites will always be advantaged over Blacks. It’s in the DNA of a country built on slavery.


  3. philebersole Says:

    George Chidi, a black man, expressed sympathy for poor struggling white people. It is true enough that you are better off if you are white, poor and struggling than if you are black, poor and struggling, but I don’t think either group is “privileged” in an absolute sense.

    I absolutely do not believe that poverty defines a person, white or black, as “useless” to society. A poor white person has the same inherent worth and dignity as you or I.

    I mentioned Eric Holder as an example of someone who is non-white and non-poor and yet has been useless in terms of his public career.

    I imagine your DNA remark was meant as a metaphor and not literally, but, for the record, I don’t believe that prejudice or any other bad quality is intrinsic in anyone.


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