Hillary Clinton seeks the moderate GOP vote


[I updated and expanded this about three hours after I originally posted it.]

Hillary Clinton is already trying to pry the moderate Republican vote away from Donald Trump.  As the chart above shows, she has a long way to go.

As a defender of the status quo, I think she will be the choice of big-money donors who give to both parties, but aren’t loyal to either one.  Beyond that, I can’t predict how successful she will be in creating a bipartisan coalition of the status quo.

The significance of her attempt to appeal to Republican moderates is on how she will campaign and how she will govern, if elected.  If she is to have any chance at all in appealing to moderate conservatives, she will have to distance herself from Bernie Sanders and progressive Democrats.


Hillary Clinton is already wooing anti-Trump Republicans.  It’s a huge mistake by Ryan Cooper for The Week.

The Upcoming Battle for Upscale Whites by Noah Millman for The American Conservative.

Hillary Forces Target Bush Donors by Ben White for POLITICO.

Donald Trump Isn’t Rich Enough to Defeat Hillary Clinton by Paul Waldman for The Week.

I will not campaign for Hillary Clinton or her donor, Donald Trump by Erick Erickson on Fox News Opinion.  A leading conservative speaks.  [added later]

Hillary quotes conservatives by Doug Henwood for LBO News.  A list of conservatives who say they won’t vote for Donald Trump.  [added later]

This Is What a Landslide Election Looks Like by Martin Longman for The Washington Monthly.  The Bush family, Mitt Romney and John McCain don’t plan to attend the Republican convention.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan refuses to endorse Trump.   I think Clinton will avoid saying anything that will cause defecting Republicans to re-unite against her. [added later]


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