Libya is Hillary Clinton’s Iraq

Hillary Clinton with Libyan soldiers in October 2011 (Reuters)

Hillary Clinton with anti-Qaddafi Libyan fighters in October 2011 (Reuters)

Since NATO-backed forces invaded Libya five years ago, the once stable and prosperous nation has been reduced to chaos and civil war.  Thousands of Libyans have been killed.  Millions are homeless and in fear of their lives.  ISIS has gained a foothold in Libya, which they never had under Muammar Qaddafi.

Hillary Clinton thinks the invasion of Libya five years ago was a success because it achieved its objective—the overthrow and death of its ruler, Muammar Qaddafi, who had opposed U.S. policy for decades.

Bernie Sanders thinks it was a mistakePresident Obama also thinks it was a mistake, but only because of failure to adequately plan for what came next.

Donald Trump thinks the main thing is to seize Libya’s oil wells, which, no doubt, is already an objective of U.S. policy, but by less obvious means.

The articles linked below tell why the Libyan intervention was a failure from the standpoint of U.S. self-interest.

The question that almost nobody asks—that I myself failed to ask at the time—is whether the United States has a moral right to wage a war of aggression against a foreign country just because somebody thinks it is in our interest to do so.

The Libyan invasion was worse than a blunder.  It was a crime.


Hillary Clinton Defends Intervention in Libya by Conor Friedersdorf for The Atlantic.

Hillary Clinton’s Libya Disaster Is a Bigger Scandal than Who Emailed Her by Scott Greer for the Daily Caller.

Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention by Brad Hoff for Foreign Policy Journal.

Can Libya Survive a Civil War That’s Only Getting Worse? by Frederic Wehrey for Defense One.

In Libya, the U.S. opens a fourth front in war on ISIS by Orlana Pawlyk and Andrew Tilghman for Military Times.

The Forgotten Conflict in Libya by Justin Salhani for ThinkProgress.

The U.S. Intervention in Libya Was Such a Smashing Success That a Sequel Is Coming by Glenn Greenwald for The Intercept.

The Big Lie About the Libyan War by Micah Zenko for Foreign Policy.

Cleaning Up Hillary’s Libyan Mess by Robert Parry for Consortium News.

Covering Up Hillary’s Libyan Fiasco by Jonathan Marshall for Consortium News.

The Libya Intervention: Obama’s ‘Worst Mistake’ as America’s Worst Habit by Dominic Tierney for The Atlantic.


The story behind the general who will likely shape Libya’s future by Mustafa Fetouri for Al-Monitor.   General Khalifa Hifter, the top military commander for the U.S.-recognized government in Libya, is a likely CIA asset.

The Testament of Muammar Gaddafi.  In case you’ve never heard his side of the story.  [Added 5/23/2016]

Muammar Gaddafi on Wikipedia.  [Added 5/23/2016]

History of Libya Under Muammar Gaddafi on Wikipedia.  [Added 5/23/2016]  Yes, he had a lot to answer for.

The Standard of Living in Libya – compilation of data, studies, articles and videos.  [Added 5/23/2016]

Will We Elect Hillary After Her Many, Many War Crimes? by Sean Kerrigan on his blog.  [Added 5/23/2016]

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