Most of the universe is off-limits to us

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Based on our current knowledge of physics, humanity is limited to a tiny corner of the universe.   Almost all of the known universe is not only out of reach of humanity, but will someday be out of sight.

Then again, it’s not clear whether humanity will be able to maintain industrial civilization long enough to explore our own solar system, let alone reach planets of nearby stars, let alone the billions of stars in our own galaxy and milky way.

High technology depends on availability of energy, which so far depends on fuels that are in limited supply.  We don’t know whether this point in human history is the beginning of a Star Trek-type future or the high point before we revert to a primitive existence.

Or whether there will be changes and breakthroughs that send humanity on a path we can’t now imagine.

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One Response to “Most of the universe is off-limits to us”

  1. John Pennington Says:

    Few of us have a realistic understanding of the size of the universe, the statistical probability another culture similar to ours exists at this time, or the time required to visit even the closest star.


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