Hillary Clinton backed wars that aided terrorism

In the past 25 years, the United States has waged war openly against five nations.

  • Serbia
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Syria
  • Libya

The U.S. has waged economic and covert war against two other nations:

  • Iran
  • Russia

Hillary Clinton supported all of them.


What’s noteworthy about this list is that the governments of all of these countries, except Afghanistan, was or is threatened by Al Qaeda and other Islamic jihadist groups.  The U.S. war effort is directed more against the terrorists’ enemies than the terrorists.

In every case except Afghanistan, the U.S. actually supported jihadist groups against the incumbent government, just as it did against the pre-Taliban Russian-backed regime in Afghanistan.

I believe that the reason for this strange policy is the American Deep State—the parts of government not affected by elections—is more concerned about maintaining global corporate economic supremacy and U.S. military supremacy than it is about protecting American citizens from possible terrorist attacks.

Among the political candidates, Hillary Clinton is the most highly committed war hawk.  She has supported every war on this list, and also favors military confrontation with China.  I don’t think the Iran sanctions deal would have been negotiated if she had remained as Secretary of State.

Bernie Sanders supports existing U.S. policies with reservations.

In many ways, I agree with Donald Trump more than I do Clinton.  He wants to stop the cold war against Putin’s Russia, and he recognizes how counterproductive the attacks on Syria and Libya have been.

But I don’t take him seriously because of his bloodthirsty and thoughtless rhetoric and because he is advised by war hawks.

Still, I can’t be sure that a Trump administration would be as bad as I expect it would.  I’m pretty sure what to expect from a Clinton adminstration—war and more war.


How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk by Mark Landler for the New York Times Magazine.

Hillary Clinton’s Neocon Resumé by Paul Street for Counterpunch.

Clinton’s Hawk-in-Waiting by Philip Giraldi for The American Conservative.  Expect Victoria Nuland, who precipitated the Ukraine crisis, to play a big part in a Clinton administration.

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Resumé: What the Record Shows by Gary Leupp for Counterpunch.

Neocon War Hawks Want Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump: No Surprise, They’ve Always Wanted Her  by Branko Marcetic for In These Times


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One Response to “Hillary Clinton backed wars that aided terrorism”

  1. Jane Hickok Says:

    Not even Donald Trump knows what he believes, so how could anyone els?


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