More about the Clinton Foundation

To do good is noble. To teach others to do good is nobler, and less work.           ==Mark Twain of the controversy over the Clinton Foundation is whether Hillary Clinton ever used her political position to so anybody a favor because that person made a donation to the foundation.

I think this would be hard to prove, unless I had the power to read Clinton’s mind and the minds of her donors.

I myself don’t think that Clinton or the foundation ever took a specific cash payment for a specific favor rendered.   The gifts, like Clinton’s Wall Street speaking fees, are just a way in which the world’s rich and powerful solidify their relationships.

What Amy Sterling Casil and other investigators have shown is how little the world’s poor and needy have benefited from all this.


The Shameful Foundation of the Clintons’ Power by Eric Ruder for Truthout.

Putting the Clinton Foundation in Context: Corruption Plain on the Face of It by Amy Sterling Casil for Medium.

Charity Watch and Clinton Foundation by Amy Sterling Casil for Medium.

Warning signs for Australia that Bill Clinton was way off the straight and narrow in Papua New Guinea by Michael Smith.

Why the Clinton Foundation Is Gross by Noah Millman for The American Conservative [added 8/31/2016]


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