Race, economic inequality and the 2016 election


During the presidential primaries, Clinton supporters were prone to downplay the importance of economic inequality.

Black people, they said, were only concerned about racism and racial discrimination, not the gap between rich and poor.

But a Pew Research Center survey indicates that economic inequality is in fact the top issue among African American voters.

The survey indicates that 77% of American black voters view the gap between rich and poor as a very big problem, followed by crime (68%), with relations between racial and ethnic groups coming in third (61%).

Black Americans are much more concerned about crime than white Americans, which should not be surprising, because, as a group, they are much more likely to be victims of crime.

Interestingly, black Americans are less worried about immigration than white Americans, or even Hispanic Americans, are.


Pew found that Clinton supporters as a group are more concerned about the gap between rich and poor (70%) than any other issue.

Her supporters, especially her black supporters, will expect her to do something about this when elected.

It will be interesting to see whether she can satisfy core voters, and also satisfy the Wall Street bankers who have given her millions of dollars in speaking fees, as well as campaign contributions and contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

I’ve written about Donald Trump being supported by right-wing “populists.”  But Trump supporters are much less concerned about economic inequality than Clinton supporters are, according to Pew.  Their top concerns are immigration, terrorism and crime.

These are the exact opposite of the priorities of Bernie Sanders supporters, so I don’t see any of them going for Trump because he is a fellow “populist”.

I suppose Trump voters blame the unhappy condition of the country mainly on immigration, unfair foreign  competition and maybe affirmative action, and therefore are willing to vote for a plutocrat.


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