An outsider’s view of the U.S. election

Hat tip for the video to peteybee.

Tariq Ali is a distinguished British left-wing writer, born in Pakistan, who has lived in London for the past 50 or so years.  In this commentary, he sums up the issues in the U.S. election calmly, objectively and accurately.

He refutes progressives who say that anybody who fails to support Hillary Clinton is objectively a supporter of Donald Trump.

It is as if the two leading candidates were Richard Nixon and George Wallace, and leading liberal politicians and newspapers accused anybody who criticized Nixon of being pro-Wallace.

My great fear is not that Trump will win the current election, but that he and his supporters will become the main alternatives to the status quo.

There is a real possibility Hillary Clinton will blunder into nuclear war with Russia.   Even if that can be avoided, we can expect more military intervention and failure to cope with the next recession.  Her policies will make the Trump movement stronger—unless progressives can offer a better way.

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3 Responses to “An outsider’s view of the U.S. election”

  1. ashiftinconsciousness Says:

    I hear you. The concern is to appear as if we are legitimizing Donald Trump as a candidate. We should do everything in our power to make sure everyone knows he is, at best, a bumbling clown who cannot be taken seriously. Every sane U.S. citizen must disavow even the slightest hint of acceptance of Trump as a viable candidate – even in the mentally ill GOP. I was embarrassed as a young man that Ronald Reagan was actually the president of my country. Then I was embarrassed that George W. Bush was taken seriously by enough people to even be close to being elected (and was selected to office). Now Trump as a candidate is just too much to accept.

    Sorry to ramble. Thank you.


    • philebersole Says:

      The other concern is becoming so fixated on Donald Trump that we come to regard perpetual war, crony capitalism and Big Brother government (as supported by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Republican establishment) as the baseline default position.

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  2. ashiftinconsciousness Says:

    True. I voted for Dennis Kucinich a couple times and supported Bernie Sanders this year. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I ignore almost everything I see about Trump. It’s my personal boycott.

    I do not obey corporate media. My hope is that slowly through the years more people will see the error of our ways as a society and start voting for intelligent, compassionate people that actually care about others. The era of narcissists must come to an end.


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