Russia accused of war by using weaponized truth


Russian intelligence services are accused of waging cyber-warfare by releasing embarrassing Hillary Clinton e-mails through Wikileaks.

There is no direct evidence of where Wikileaks got the Clinton e-mails, but the Russians have the capability and the motive to hack her system.

Would this be an act of war?  I for one would welcome war by means of weaponized truth.

If revealing accurate information about your geopolitical enemy is a form of warfare, I think escalation of this kind of warfare would be a good thing and not a bad thing.

I think the NSA and the CIA should retaliate by arranging the release of damaging secret information about Vladimir Putin—maybe through Wikileaks as a form of poetic justice.

In fact, there are those who think they already have done so, through the Panama Papers leak

I’m joking, of course.  War by truth-telling is not what is being considered.  What is being considered is sabotage of Russian computer networks.    That kind of escalation could be very dangerous.

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One Response to “Russia accused of war by using weaponized truth”

  1. Shane Says:

    This is a sad state of affairs.It seems a sense of honor and integrity has been lost in America, or at least for those with a podium and microphone to speak from.

    Instead of focusing on the damning allegations, abuses of power, corruption, and so forth, politicians and the media instead point the finger at Russia, damning them for uncovering it the scandals and trying to shift the focus and blame elsewhere.


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