Why white supremacists support Donald Trump

A good article in Mother Jones tells how Donald Trump has sought and received the support of avowed white supremacists.

Nowadays the word “racist” is used very loosely, like the word “Communist” during the McCarthy era.   I’ve even been called a “racist” myself in conversation a couple of times.  By “racist”, I mean people who state that members of certain races are genetically inferior and should not have equal rights.   Such racists exist.   And Donald Trump has successfully sought their support.

He has done this by quoting them (without attribution) and by using their talking points.   An example of this was an infographic, taken from a white supremacist Twitter feed, falsely claiming that blacks were responsible for 81 percent of homicides of whites.  The truth is that 82 percent of homicides of whites are the result of white-on-white crime.   But Trump refused to back down or retract in the face of the facts.

That is not to say that the mass of Trump supporters are racists, any more than the mass of Clinton supporters are war hawks and plutocrats.   That’s not the issue.   The issue is whether Trump as President or, more likely, as a permanent opposition voice will promote racism.


How Donald Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream by Sarah Posner and David Neiwrt for Mother Jones.

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One Response to “Why white supremacists support Donald Trump”

  1. Shane Says:

    I don’t think you’re wrong about Trump, but I also think President Obama is just the other side of the same coin. He plays on many of the same sensations Trump does regularly, just to a different audience.

    I think ultimately, all groups desire to be dominate and funny enough, now we have the very progressive, supposedly liberal groups also demanding segregation and supremacy, in the form of “Safe Spaces” and censorship of any speech deemed offensive.


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