Trump’s transition troubles

The shakeups and struggles in President-elect Trump’s transition team are a foretaste of what his administration is likely to be.

Look for four years of struggles for influence among courtiers chosen on the basis of personal loyalty, not competence, all competing for the approval of a strong-willed ruler who is ignorant, but susceptible to flattery.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, engineered a purge of Chris Christie followers, apparently in retaliation for Christie’s prosecution of his father, Charles Kushner, back in 2005 when Christie was U.S. Attorney for New Jersey.

The elder Kushner went to prison for two years on charges off illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.


It’s Time to Pay More Attention to Jared Kushner by Kevin Drum for Mother Jones.  Important.

Kushner at the center of Trump transition ‘infighting’ by Jim Sciutto and Elise Labott for CNN.

Donald Trump’s Transition Team, or Lack Thereof, Is Causing Real Panic by Sam Stein for The Huffington Post.

Donald Trump’s Transition Team Off to a Shaky Start, Described as a ‘Knife Fight’ by Jessica Taylor for NPR.

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2 Responses to “Trump’s transition troubles”

  1. Dana Ward Says:

    SIL seems to understand FIL’s revenge obsession. But isn’t every bit of info suspect because he has blacked out the media? We can only hope there is a leaker with more guts than Mike Rogers.


  2. sglover Says:

    Calling Trump “fascist” is wrongheaded, but I can’t help remembering Kershaw’s phrase, “working toward the fuhrer”, when I try to imagine his administration.

    However, much as I was horrified by his win, there are possibilities for pleasant surprises. Trump’s says he wants to pour money into public works. In normal circumstances, when a Republican says “infrastructure” it’s shorthand for “Write my pals at Bechtel a check and we can start pouring asphalt”. But maybe a guy from NYC has some appreciation for things like trains and public transit.

    I’m also hopeful that he might actually revise our relationship with NATO, and back away from the idiotic belligerence toward Russia (er, I mean the wily superdemon Putin) that our “liberal” “leaders” have been foolishly pumping up. EU states have more than enough wealth and technology and population to look after their own security, including the imaginary “threat” from a Russia that has lots of its own problems.

    If these actually pan out, they’re both contrary to the dogma of much of the Republican core, and those guys are fanatical. Dems will be sorting themselves out for a while — and if they weren’t, they’d be a joke as an “opposition” anyway — so I expect the real battles will be between Trump and “his” party. They’ll be vicious.

    Of course, this assumes Trump doesn’t simply get bored or frustrated, and turn everything over to underlings. Who can really know, now? Still, I have to give him this much: His candidacy took down TWO odious dynasties, AND the odious TPP. Those are real public services.


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