Election 2016 endgame: links & updates

This post consists mainly of links to articles about efforts to recount the 2016 U.S. presidential vote.   I never expected the recount to change the  election result.  What I hope is that the recount will make American citizens aware of how easily the voting process could have been tampered with, and of the need for reform..



Did the GOP Strip and Flip the 2016 Selection? by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman for the Columbus Free Press.

Why the U.S. State Department would not certify Trump’s election as legitimate by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman for the Columbus Free Press.

They link to other charts besides the one above showing the discrepancy between the exit polls and official vote.



2016 Presidential Election Table by Theodore de Macedo Soares for TDMS|Research. This shows the discrepancy between exit polls and official votes in 28 states.

In 13 states, Trump’s margin of victory was greater than the margin of error in the exit poll; in four states—North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida—the exit poll favored Clinton and the official vote favored Trump. In only one state, New York, Clinton’s margin of victory was greater than the margin for error in the exit poll.

Electronic Voting Machines and the Election by Thomas Cooiey, Ben Griffy and Peter Rupert for U.S. Economic Snapshot.

The No-BS Inside Guide to the Presidential Vote Recount by Greg Palast for Truthout.

A Slow Motion Coup D’etat by David Jay Morris for Cannonfire.


Greg Palast on Why Clinton Didn’t Push for Michigan Recount for the Real News Network (Part 2)

Greg Palast on Why Clinton Didn’t Push for Michigan Recount for the Real News Network (Part 1)

Trump wins Electoral College vote by Kyle Cheney for POLITICO.

Trump wins Electoral College vote as insurgency fizzles by Heidi M. Przybyla for USA Today.

The Republican Sabotage of the Vote Recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin by Greg Palast for Truthout.

2016 Election Results: Detroit Machines Registered More Votes Than Voters by Mary Pascaline for International Business Times

Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts by Joel Kurth and Jonathan Oostling for The Detroit News.

Official Disconnect: Russia ‘Hacked’ Election for Trump, But No Need to Count the Ballots by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

Decision Suspending Michigan ‘Recount’ Threatens What’s Left of American Democracy by Ernest A. Canning for The BRAD Blog.

Wisconsin Recount Results Day 10: 95% In, But Where’s Milwaukee? by Jessica McBride for Heavy.

‘Reality Is Just as Hackable as the Lab’: ‘Recount’ Legal Battles in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida (Yes, Florida) by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

Recount Mess: What if Michigan had held the key to the election? by John Wisely, Christina Hall and Eric D. Lawrence for the Detroit Free Press.

Jill Stein’s Pennsylvania recount request: Federal judge to rule by Monday by Anna Orso for BillyPenn.

Judge refuses to end Wisconsin recount by Mark Hensch for The Hill.

Obama Orders Investigation Into Election-Related Hacking by Kaveh Waddell for The Atlantic.

Evidence? What Evidence? ‘Recount’ Stopped in Michigan, Stein Appeals Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

‘Unrecountable’ in Michigan, Blocked in Philly and Other ‘Recount’ 2016 News by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog

Failed Paper Ballot Scanners in Detroit Put Michigan ‘Recount’ at Risk by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

Group Sues to Demand Florida Election Recount by Jerry Iannelli for the Miami New Times.

Voters Sue, Demanding Florida Recount by Ronn Blitzer for Law Newz.

Stein Campaign Chief: ‘Corporate Media Lied, We Are Escalating Fight in Pennsylvania’ by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

Ours is not to reason WI by Joseph Cannon for Cannonfire.

Green Party’s Stein to pursue Pennsylvania vote recount in federal court by David DeKok for Reuters.

Trump Campaign and GOP Allies in Full Legal Panic as Recounts Could Create Electoral College Crisis by Steven Rosenfeld for AlterNet.

Federal judge denies quick halt to Wisconsin recount by Patrick Marley and Jason Stein for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Trump allies try to freeze recount efforts by Nolan D. McCaskill and Daniel Stauss for POLITICO

‘Recount’ 2016 Looking Like ‘Recount’ 2000 as Team Trump Files to Stop Counts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog

‘Recount’ 2016: Hand, Machine Counts Begin in Wisconsin; Trump Blocks Michigan Count by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

Countdown to ‘Recounts’: Stein Files in Michigan; Still More Barriers to Citizen Oversight in Wisconsin by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to American Democracy in Our Lifetime by Ari Berman for The Nation.

Republicans are going to nationalize vote suppression by Paul Waldman for The Week.

Impossible ‘Recount’ Laws; Unverifiable Votes in Pennsylvania; New Barriers to Citizen Oversight in Wisconsin by Brad Friedman for The BRAD Blog.

Stein files for Michigan recount, cites blank votes by Chad Livengood for the Detroit News.

Why I Support An Election Audit Even Though It’s Unlikely To Change the Outcome by Nate Silver for FiveThirtyEight

The Stein Campaign and the Fight for Green Party Independence by Brandy Baker for Counterpunch.

Jill Stein’s Pennsylvania recount sputters in Philly by Anna Orso for BillyPenn.

Election fraud: Donald Trump falsely claims ‘millions’ of illegal votes cost him the election by Tom LoBlanco for CNN.

Stein sues to force recount by hand in Wisconsin, files suit for Pennsylvania recount by Jason Stein and Patrick Marley for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Stein’s Recount May Prevent WI, PA, MI Votes From Being Counted by Electoral College by Jim Hoft for Gateway Pundit.

The Democrats’ real strategy in launching recounts by Richard Baehr for American Thinker.

Election Fraud Complaint Filed As More People Voted Than Total Voters In 4 Wisconsin Precincts by Jason Easley for Politicususa.

Listening and Responding to Calls for an Audit and Recount by Marc Erik Elias for the Clinton campaign.

The Self-Serving Jill Stein Recount Scam by bmaz for Empty Wheel.

So Why Is the Green Party’s Jill Stein Filing for Recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania? by Bruce A. Dixon for the Black Agenda Report.

Jill Stein requests Wisconsin recount, alleging hackers filed bogus absentee ballots by Amanda Holpuch and Jon Swaine for The Guardian.

By the Numbers: The Recount Scenarios (It Is a Long Shot) by Peter Van Buren for We Meant Well.

Hillary Clinton and a Pennsylvania recount: What it would look like by Anna Orso for BillyPenn.

Want to Know if the Election Was Hacked? Look at the Ballots by J. Alex Halderman for Medium.

Still time for an election audit by Ron Rivest and Philip Stark for USA Today.

Will We Count All the Votes? by John Q. Barrett.

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7 Responses to “Election 2016 endgame: links & updates”

  1. thedyingamericandream Says:

    The discrepancy between the exit poll reporting and the reported vote reminds me of the Bradley effect. Many Trump voters felt pressure not to admit who they voted for. It opened them up to criticism based on Trump’s inflammatory statements and based on the fact that they were voting against the first major party female candidate for president.


  2. whungerford Says:

    The most likely explanation for the discrepancy between exit polls and vote totals is that the population sampled isn’t the same as the electorate. The poll wasn’t a random sample of voters, possibly because some group avoided the poll takers or wouldn’t answer their questions.


  3. philebersole Says:

    If you attribute the discrepancy to the Bradley effect, then you have to have explain why the effect exists in North and South Carolina, but not in New York or California. Look at the table in the link below.


    I’ve posted about the possibility of hack-able voting machines all year and for a number of prior years. My concern did not suddenly appear out of nowhere because of Donald Trump’s apparent victory.

    Mind you, I do not claim to have proof that the official vote is wrong. I only say there something that needs to be investigated and explained.


  4. whungerford Says:

    Thanks for the TDMS report. I see from the table that the discrepancy in Clinton’s favor in NYS exceeds the margin of error suggesting a systematic problem with polls here as well as elsewhere. It is unlikely that insecure voting machines explain the problem–cheating on such a large scale couldn’t likely go undetected.

    Reportedly, some voting machines could be checked for altered software that is still present.


    • philebersole Says:

      Yes, I agree the problem is with the process. My hope is not to nullify Donald Trump’s apparent victory, but to establish a paper record and a routine audit for every election. And also, as you say, to check the software.


    • whungerford Says:

      TMDS polling data was adjusted for gender imbalance which is a clear indication that the sample wasn’t random.


  5. There Was No Real Recount of 2016 | Beanstock's World Says:

    […] you wish to dig a lot deeper, this site may be a useful home base for […]


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