Did the DNC leaks really affect the election?

I have learned throughout my long life never to say that some powerful person or institution could not have done a certain thing because doing would have been idiotic.

150px-fsbBut it certainly would have been idiotic for Russian intelligence agents to think they could influence the 2016 election by leaking e-mails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief.

And while that isn’t proof that they weren’t the leakers, it is a reason to reserve judgment.

The Clinton campaign leaks had little or no effect on the election outcome.  All they did was to confirm what some of us already thought about how the DNC was tied in with the Clinton primary election campaign, and Clinton was tied in with her rich donor friends.  If I had been pro-Clinton, this would not have been new information that would have changed my mind.

Within my circle of friends, I don’t know anybody who cared much about the Clinton campaign leaks.  On the other hand, everybody I know who ever handled classified information was upset by the FBI reports on Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

The CIA statements of about possible Russian involvement in the Clinton campaign leaks have had much greater impact on American public opinion than the leaks themselves ever did.

Where is the National Security Agency in all this?  All this is in the NSA area of expertise.  The NSA would have better information than the FBI or CIA.

I think claims of Russian interference in the U.S. election should be reviewed by Congress or, better still, by an independent commission, which would take all the time it needs to evaluate conclusions of all the relevant U.S. intelligence agencies, not just the CIA.

Update.  It now seems that, according to the latest authorized leaks, the FBI now agrees that Russians were responsible for obtaining and publishing the confidential Democratic e-mails.


Is the Deep State at War—With Itself? by Charles Hugh Smith for oftwominds.

Russia’s Role in the US Elections: The Case for Caution by George Beebe for The National Interest.

US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims by William Binney, Mike Gravel, Larry Johnson, Ray McGovern, Elizabeth Murray and Kurt Wiebe for Consortiumnews.

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One Response to “Did the DNC leaks really affect the election?”

  1. semanticleo Says:

    One of the lone voices of reason. It’s the zeitgeist which determined the outcome. I’m beginning to think Humans can’t plan a trip to the crapper. I’m going with String Theory’s Determinism and self-fulfilling prophecy.


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