The Moral Movement in North Carolina

I had planned to write a post about the Forward Together Moral Movement in North Carolina, led by the Rev. William J. Barber II, and how the movement brought black and white people together to elect Ray Cooper as a progressive Democratic governor of North Carolina.

I had second thoughts after the Republican majority of the North Carolina state legislature met in emergency session to strip the incoming governor of various powers that the outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory had.

But my final thought was that this was not the end.   In the U.S. political system, there are two forms—money power and people power.   People power wins in the long run so long as the people don’t give up.

Courts have ruled that North Carolina’s legislative districts are so gerrymandered that they have to be redrawn.  That means that the Moral Movement should have a better chance next time around.

The video above was made Thursday (Dec. 22) following a non-violent protest at the North Carolina legislature’s meeting.  While the protesters were breaking the law, their argument was that this was the only way they could communicate with the legislators in the absence of public hearings and meetings with constituents.


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Ian McDowell on the true historical heritage of Civil War North Carolina by Vicki Bynum for Renegade South.

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