Why Trump’s staff tells obvious lies


What needs explaining is not why Donald Trump and his staff tell lies.   Many recent leaders have lied.

What needs explaining is why Trump and his staff tell obvious and easily disprovable lies, such as the claim that record numbers of people came to see his inauguration.

My own thought was that it served two purposes.  One was to confuse the issue, because most people don’t have the time or resources to check facts.   As long as you stick to what you’re saying and never back down, a certain number of people will believe you.

The other purpose was to distract the attention of the press from more serious issues.   The time spent by reporters in covering arguments over crowd sizes is time spent not covering things such as Trump’s infrastructure plan.

But economist Tyler Cowen has a more sinister explanation.

By requiring subordinates to speak untruths, a leader can undercut their independent standing, including their standing with the public, with the media and with other members of the administration.  That makes those individuals grow more dependent on the leader and less likely to mount independent rebellions against the structure of command.  Promoting such chains of lies is a classic tactic when a leader distrusts his subordinates and expects to continue to distrust them in the future.

Another reason for promoting lying is what economists sometimes call loyalty filters.  If you want to ascertain if someone is truly loyal to you, ask them to do something outrageous or stupid.  If they balk, then you know right away they aren’t fully with you.  That too is a sign of incipient mistrust within the ruling clique, and it is part of the same worldview that leads Trump to rely so heavily on family members.

Source: Tyler Cowen – Bloomberg View

Donald Trump has said that one of his basic principles is to trust no one.  Another is to always get even with anybody who crosses you.   That is how you have to operate if you can’t give people reasons to trust you.


Why Trump’s Staff Is Lying by Tyler Cowen for Bloomberg View.

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Karl Rove’s Prophecy by Karel Van Wolferen, a famous Dutch journalist.  Bush and Obama also were liars, but more effective liars than Trump.

A helluva turnover: What Donald Trump’s appointments reveal about his incoming administration by The Economist.

All the Laws and Executive Orders Trump Has Signed So Far by VICE News.

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4 Responses to “Why Trump’s staff tells obvious lies”

  1. 61chrissterry Says:

    Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    Trump is a tyrant who has to be in total control, hence his total lack willingness to take advice and attend briefings, for then others are taking part of your control.

    He believes it is better to assert total control, even when this is based on lies, for he does not want to show any signs of weakness in his methods of control.


  2. Opher Says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Lies, arrogance and total disregard for the impact of policies. This seems to be the hallmark of Trump.


  3. Opher Says:

    very worrying.


  4. James McWilliams Says:

    To understand Trump’s “lying,” I think it is helpful to view his pronouncements through the filter of narcissistic egocentrism that clouds his vision. He suffers from a neurotic need for approval and adulation. When the popular vote doesn’t satisfy this need, he feels compelled to manufacture an alternate reality, viz., Clinton’s popular vote victory is owing to immense voter fraud.


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