Why I’m not sorry I voted for Jill Stein



Hillary Clinton was not defeated by a white working class uprising in favor of Donald Trump.

And she was not defeated by the defection of liberals and progressives to Jill Stein.

She was defeated by her personal failure, and the failure of the Democratic Party overall, to hold the votes of its core supporters—black and white, male and female.

It is important to remember this because merely attacking President Trump (as justified as these attacks may be) will not, in and of itself, bring back the Democratic vote.

You can’t beat something with nothing.   Unless Democrats offer a path to prosperity and peace, they will very likely lose and, even if they win, their victories won’t matter.


The Great God Trump and the White Working Class by Mike Davis for Jacobin.   This article is the source of the charts above.  Read the whole thing.

The Dream of the Enemy by Corey Robin for Harper’s  Magazine.


Note: Assuming all of Stein’s votes would have gone to Clinton if the Green Party hadn’t run a candidate, Clinton still would have lost Pennsylvania, and with it the electoral vote.

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  1. Craig Says:

    If they’re primarily Not Trump, they assume the mantle from the GOP of being the party of No.


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