Donald Trump is out of step with public opinion



Rolling Stone had a good article on how Donald Trump’s policies are go against not only the wishes of a majority of the American public, but also many (not all) of the wishes of a majority of Republican voters.

I think this is interesting, but the fact is that leaders of both political parties have gone against the wishes of the American public for a long time without suffering fatal consequences.

The American public didn’t want the government to bail out Wall Street, but it happened just the same.

Many Americans are so disillusioned with American politics that they no longer are indignant about politicians who break their promises.   In the 2016 election, more voters stayed home than voted either Democratic or Republican.

I think some Trump voters never really expected Trump to build his Mexican barrier wall, to put Hillary Clinton in jail or do any of the other things he promised to do   I think they just enjoyed hearing him express their anger at the powers that be, without expecting any result.

As for me, I think Trump can be counted on to keep all his promises to crush the weak (such as unauthorized immigrants) and none of his promises to stand up to the powerful (such as Goldman Sachs).


How Trump’s Agenda Clashes With What Americans Want by Tim Dickinson for Rolling Stone.   This is the source of thc charts.  The article has a lot of other good information.

Why Polls Differ on Trump’s Popularity by Nate Silver for FiveThirtyEight.  Don’t count Trump out.  Polls of all adults show a strong anti-Trump majority, but polls of registered or likely voters show him nearly breaking even.


Note: I changed the headline from “out of step with the public” to “out of step with public opinion” to reflect the point that the post was about Trump’s policies and not about his personal popularity.

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3 Responses to “Donald Trump is out of step with public opinion”

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

    Maybe that’s true where you live. But in the past several months I’ve been to several Western states. And I can assure you that Trump’s policies are heartily supported out here. Even more so, people are saying it’s about time.


  2. Whitey Says:

    Holy CRAP !!!!!!
    You liar. You are horrible.
    Why do you write lies?
    90% of Americans favor removing criminal illegal immagrants….. ones that are here commiting CRIMES. not people picking fruit on farms. Or people here working and being nice and lawful.
    The 10% that don’t want the rapist or drug dealer or welfare fraud or gang member removed are those people I just named.
    You FOOL. When you are a victim of one of them. Then you will sing a different toon.
    Nobody cares if Juan and Mario and Hector are cleaning cars at carwashes, they are goid people. Nobody wants them deported…. including President Trump!!!!
    Stop spreading your lies


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