Black parents hold ‘the conversation’

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I think this video speaks for itself.

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2 Responses to “Black parents hold ‘the conversation’”

  1. Whitey Says:

    The percentage of cops that are crooked is around 1%.
    A question I didn’t hear in that video was this…. “do you think shitty black people have caused police to be nervous around all black people, even us good ones? Shouldn’t we be mad at and blaming the bad blacks for making life harder for all the good blacks”????
    If black people had to take cop sensitivity training and cops took black sensitivity training then things would improve. Not just all blacks playing victim again! Im not black, ive been beat up by cops, ive been arrested for doing nothing wrong, ive been pulled over and had my car searched for just looking like someone, ive been slamed on a car hood by shitty cops.
    Now if I was black id be saying all those things were because Im black…… but im white. So now what?
    And this is 100% true.
    So now what? My friends that are white have similar stories, as do my family members. So now what?
    3x as many whites are shot by cops every year… so now what???


    • philebersole Says:

      Evidently I was wrong. The video doesn’t speak for itself.

      Abuse of power is wrong no matter who the target is. If you’ve been beaten up by cops, if you’ve been had your car searched and been slammed on a car hood for no reason, if you’ve been arrested for doing nothing wrong—that’s wrong, no matter who you are.

      Whatever can be done to a black person with impunity can be done to anyone with impunity. I would never deny that.

      I think you should be angry with abusive cops—notice I wrote abusive cops and not “the police”—rather with than respectable black families who try to protect their kids from what happened to you.


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