Glenn Greenwald sums things up

Glenn Greenwald, on The Intercept, said pretty well everything that needs to be said about President Trump’s attack on Syria.

  1.  New wars will strengthen Trump: as they do for every leader.
  2.  Democrats’ jingoistic rhetoric has left them no ability — or desire — to oppose Trump’s wars.
  3.   In wartime, US television instantly converts into state media.
  4.   Trump’s bombing is illegal, but presidents are now omnipotent.
  5.   How can those who view Trump as an inept fascist now trust him to wage war?
  6.   Like all good conspiracy theories, no evidence can kill the Kremlin-controls-Trump tale.
  7.   The fraud of humanitarianism works every time for (and on) American elites.
  8.   Support for Trump’s bombing shows two toxic U.S. conceits:  “Do something” and “Look strong.”
  9.   Obama’s refusal to bomb Assad hovers over everything.
  10.   None of this disproves, obviously, that Hillary Clinton was also a dangerous hawk.


The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise for Bombing Syria by Glenn Greenwald for The Intercept.   Hat tip to peteybee.

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2 Responses to “Glenn Greenwald sums things up”

  1. Vincent Says:

    this cynicism baffles me. It’s a terrible disease, or a plague equivalent to sarin gas but affecting the minds directly. I cannot see how Americans are so wilfully in denial and blind.

    There is a point being entirely missed. That in times of such evil and confusion the only thing that helps is rules and principles which gain general acceptance.What makes us human? What are the priorities in human behaviour? Why is there military might at all? Why have the swords never been beaten into plowshares, despite millennia of peaceniks?

    Is it not to maintain decency in human behaviour? When there is talk of a “red line” everyone understands what it means. Also that it is a political football. Also that politicians all the way up to the leaders of countries are not themselves and can never be the arbiters of morals. Their motivations and actions are dictated by the complex web of politickings that result from the nature of any particular democracy, and not to be blamed on the personality of the person who gets voted President.

    And it ought to be obvious to an ordinary human being that warfare cannot be prevented but when it happens there should be “red lines” that everyone in principle agrees on, deviations from which will not go unacted upon.

    On this basis, the notion of chemical warfare being beyond the pale must go with landmines and deliberate starvation by siege as top on the list of occurrences which demand universal agreement and supporting action.

    Naturally all action must be moderated by due caution and wisdom. It goes without saying. Yet it must always be remembered that this cannot be decided by commentators, professional and amateur. Their role is to understand the simple principles of humanity and not be deviated from them by Machiavellianism, which is government’s job.

    Then it becomes simple. When the basic rules of humanity are being broken, it no longer matters whether the “rebels” in Syria are “freedom” fighters against Assad, foreign insurgents, members of IS, Al Qaida or simply the people who live in a particular location. They are people, like the people who vote in your president. Every person has motivations, everyone’s top priority is their own survival and betterment.

    The discourse I get from America is sickening. And it is not a question of whether pictures of dying children are faked or cynically manipulated to appeal to the emotions. That is part of our whole society, the way it works, same as in advertising, electoral campaigns, any form of persuasion.

    It’s a question of agreeing rules for living in the world and standing together against breaches, without the terrible mess of everyone missing the point. We are getting the same thing in UK and EU of course, in relation to Brexit (which is at least bloodless) but America seems to have lost the point more completely and it irks me that other countries follow.


  2. Vincent Says:

    This piece published yesterday endorses fully the position I argued above


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