Official story of sarin attack debunked

Theodore A. Postol, professor emeritus of science, technology and national security as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has written a series of reports that convincingly debunk the claim that the Syrian government attacked civilians with sarin two weeks ago.

He said, among other things, that—

The video evidence shows workers at the site roughly 30 hours after the alleged attack that were wearing clothing with the logo “Idlib Health Directorate.”

These individuals were photographed putting dead birds from a birdcage into plastic bags.  The implication of these actions was that the birds had died after being placed in the alleged sarin crater.

However, the video also shows the same workers inside and around the same crater with no protection of any kind against sarin poisoning. These individuals were wearing honeycomb face masks and medical exam gloves. They were otherwise dressed in normal streetwear and had no protective clothing of any kind.

The honeycomb face masks would provide absolutely no protection against either sarin vapors or sarin aerosols. The masks are only designed to filter small particles from the air.  If there were sarin vapor, it would be inhaled without attenuation by these individuals.  If the sarin were in an aerosol form, the aerosol would have condensed into the pours in the masks, and would have evaporated into a highly lethal gas as the individuals inhaled through the mask.  It is difficult to believe that such health workers, if they were health workers, would be so ignorant of these basic facts.

In addition, other people dressed as health workers were standing around the crater without any protection at all.

I don’t know for sure what happened.  What Prof. Postol’s report proves is that President Trump committed an act of war against a sovereign nation for reasons not supported by evidence.  Although the attack resulted in relatively few casualties and little damage, it may well have destroyed the possibility of peace with Syria and Russia.


The Assad Regime’s Use of Chemical Weapons on April 4, 2017, a declassified report from the White House.

A Quick Turnaround Assessment of the White House Intelligence Report Issued on April 11, 2017, About the Nerve Agent Attack on Khan Sheikhoun, Syria by Theodore A. Postol.

Addendum to Dr. Theodore A. Postol’s Assessment of the White House Report on Syria Chemical Attacks by Theodore A. Postol via Washington’s Blog.

Video Evidence of False Claims Made in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017 by Theodore A. Postol via Washington’s Blog.

The Nerve Agent Attack That Did Not Occur: Analysis of the Times and Locations of Critical Events in the Alleged Nerve Agent Attack at 7AM on April 4, 2017, in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, by Theodore A. Postol via Washington’s Blog.

Hat tip to Cannonfire.

[Added 5/17/2017]

Going Postol: how an MIT professor ended up in Bashar al-Assad’s camp by Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist.   Rebuttal to Postol’s argument.

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One Response to “Official story of sarin attack debunked”

  1. whungerford Says:

    Our government may keep two sets of facts: one known to experts in the bowels of NSA and another supplied by Fox News. This time they depended on the later.


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