ISIS vs. Iran: which side should we be on?

The ISIS attack on Iran shows the alignment of alliances in the Middle East.

On one side, there are Saudi Arabia, the Gulf emirates, Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and also Israel.

On the other, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.

If the U.S. aim is to crush Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, why does the U.S. side with Saudi Arabia against Iran?

If you think Iran is the problem, ask yourself:

When was the last time that Iranian-backed terrorists attacked people in Europe or North America?

When was the last time that terrorists backed by Al Qaeda or ISIS attacked people in Israel?

I can’t think of any.


Design Fault: Counterterrorism’s Egregious Failures Don’t Trouble Our Leaders at All by Chris Floyd for Empire Burlesque.

Iran Attacks: ISIS strikes Parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini Shrine by Kim Hjelmgaard for USA Today.

London Terror Attack: It’s Time to Confront Wahabism and Saudi Arabia by John Wight for Counterpunch.

It’s Time to Rethink Iran’s Terrorism Designation by M. Reza Beham for Counterpunch.





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One Response to “ISIS vs. Iran: which side should we be on?”

  1. Yee Says:

    Other than Turkey, Iran is the only country in the Muslim world with some degree of industrialization. No industry no military power.

    Since Turkey is a NATO member, the only real threat to Israel is Iran.


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