The health hazard of being uninsured

Obamacare is a flawed system.   It gives for-profit insurance companies a captive market.   It fines people for not buying insurance that they can’t afford, or that does them no good because of the large co-pays.

It is more expensive than the obvious alternative, which is a single-payer system, otherwise known as Medicare for all.

But the Congressional Republicans reject the obvious alternative.  What they’ve come up with is worse.

This chart is based on estimates by health researchers as to how many people die each year as a result of lack of health insurance, plus estimated by the Congressional Budget Office of how many people will be uninsured under the House Republicans’ American Health Care Act versus the Democrats’ Affordable Care Act.

It’s a cumulative chart.  The estimated number of deaths are the same year by year.


How many people will Obamacare and AHCA kill? by Matt Bruenig for MattBruenig | Politics.

Coverage Losses Under the Republican Health Care Bill Could Result in 16,100 to 27.700 Additional Deaths in 2026 by Ann Crawford-Roberts, Nichole Roxas, Ichiro Kawachi, Sam Berger and Emily Gee for the Center for American Progress.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act: the Senate bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, explained, by Sarah Kliff for Vox.

Will losing health insurance mean more US deaths? Experts say yes by Mona Chalabi for The Guardian.

Senate health bill breaks GOP promises on costs and Trump’s on coverage by Andy Slavitt for USA Today [Added 6/27/2017]

Reading the CBO Report on the Better Health Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) by Lambert Strether for naked capitalism.  [Added 6/27/2017]


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