Thomas Frank on the Democrats’ future

Scroll down for links to six recent Thomas Frank interviews on the Real News Network

Thomas Frank, who understands American politics as well or better than anyone else I know of, is giving a series of interviews on the state of the Democratic Party to the Real News Network.   I link to them below.

Most of my friends are liberal Democrats, like me, and they can’t understand why a working person would go against their own interests by supporting Donald Trump.  But then they themselves go against their own interests by supporting Hillary Clinton.

The problem is not Clinton as an individual.   As an individual, she is much more qualified to hold public office than Trump.

The problem is that the Democratic Party has come to depend on wealthy donors to finance its campaigns and it looks to well-to-do salaried professionals as its core voters.   Working people are coming to realize that the Democratic Party does not represent them.

It is not that large numbers working people are turning to Donald Trump.   The GOP is even worse than the Democrats.  It is that increasing numbers of working people—black, white and brown—see no point in voting for either party.

The Real News Network broadcast six interviews with Thomas Frank.   The links below take you to transcripts as well as a videos.   Skimming a transcript is less time-consuming than watching a whole video.


  1.  Corporate Democrats have a vested interest in not listening to workers (9/5/2017).
  2.  Clinton attacks Sanders in new book (9/7/2017).
  3.  Liberal elite doesn’t care much about inequality (9/10/2017)
  4.  Clinton Democrats hate the left (9/12/2017)
  5.  From Ronald Reagan to Bernie Sanders (9/15/2017)
  6.  Prisoners of Hope (9/18/2017)


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