Sexual abuse more common than I like to admit

I can’t get my mind around the number of prominent people who have been credibly accused of rape and sexual abuse, including rape and sexual abuse of minors.  They seem to be in all walks of life and reflect the full spectrum political and religious beliefs.   The world is a very different place from what I want to believe it is.

Not everybody accused of sex crimes or sex abuse is guilty.   People have gone to prison or had their lives ruined on false sex charges.

I know many highly moral college professors and business executives make it a rule to never talk to a female student or subordinate behind closed doors or without a witness present.   I know of someone whose life was almost ruined by a false charge of sexual abuse.   I don’t discount the danger of hysteria and over-reaction.

But recent high-profile scandals—Roger Ailes, Bill Cosby, Roy Moore, Bill O’Reilly, Kevin Spacey, Leon Wieseltier, Harvey Weinstein—make it impossible to pretend that sexual abuse is rare or exceptional.

I am—or have been—part of the problem.   I turned a blind eye to evidence of Bill Clinton’s abuse of Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and other women.   I wanted him to defeat the Republicans in the 1992 election, and so I just refused to think about what he had done.

Supporters of Donald Trump in last year’s election did the same thing as I did then.  It’s time to stop tolerating and making excuses for sexual abuse.


I didn’t understand how widespread rape was | Then the penny dropped by David Graeber for The Guardian.

Speaking Truth to Power on Sex Abuse by Rod Dreher for The American Conservative.

This Is How Sexism Works In Silicon Valley by Ellen Pao for The Cut.  [Added 11/12/2017]  Important to read.

What Harvey Weinstein tells us about the liberal world by Thomas Frank for The Guardian.

Roy Moore: Sexual Predator? by Rod Dreher for The American Conservative.

Reckoning With Bill Clinton’s Sex Crimes by Caitlin Flanagan for The Atlantic.  [Added 11/15/2017]

Here’s the Problem With Privilege and Divulging Sexual Assault by Hillary Kelley for Glamour.  [Added 11/17/2017]  Hat tip to Naked Capitalism.

Restaurant Sex Abuse: At Full Boil, But on Back Burner by James Varney for RealClearInvestiations.  [Added 11/17/2017]  Hat tip to Naked Capitalism.

From coat check to kitchen, Boston restaurants are rife with sexual harassment by Devra First for The Boston Globe.  [Added 11/12/2017]  Hat tip to Mike the Mad Biologist.

Sexual Harassment in Washington, D.C., Is Rampant by Marin Cogan for The Cut.  [Added 11/12/2017]  Hat tip to Marginal Revolution.

Reasons for Hope: The Culture Shift on Rape and Sexual Abuse by Ian Welsh.


I made some minor revisions and clarifications on 11/12/2017.

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