Putin, Trump and a hypothetical question

Suppose Donald Trump, as many Americans urge, demands that the Russian government cease all interference in American politics.

Suppose Vladimir Putin says he’ll agree, provided that the American government ceases all “regime change” activities against Russia and other countries.

What should President Trump’s response be?


Russia Indictment  2.0: What to Make of Mueller’s Hacking Indictment on Lawfare.

The Mueller Indictment by Ian Welsh.

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2 Responses to “Putin, Trump and a hypothetical question”

  1. whungerford Says:

    Beware of false equivalence–if we have interfered with Russian elections, we should stop. I see no evidence that we have.


    • 61chrissterry Says:

      I agree any interference by Governments of other countries should not interfere in any way in the governance of counties except their own.

      But we do know this does occur, as it by the US in Russia who knows.

      But America has been known to interfere in some South American countries, which they should not have done.

      For myself it would not be against the realms of imagination that the CIA have been doing so, as it will be the same for MI6 in the UK.

      It is wrong whoever it is.


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