Seen in a public library

I forget where I came across this on the Internet.  For the benefit of non-American and younger visitors to this blog, the numbers are part of the old Dewey decimal system of library subject classifications; that system came into existence before the digital age.


2 Responses to “Seen in a public library”

  1. Vincent Says:

    As a non-American visitor, I can confirm that the Dewey decimal system is alive and kicking in England. My current library borrowing is Fiona MacCarthy’s biography of Eric Gill, labelled with the code 769.92, which the digital WWW translates as “Arts Prints Persons”. A very good match.

    Most entries confirm that 000-005 covers computer-related topics. Unexplained phenomena? This fairly comprehensive site lists “Monsters (unexplained phenomena)” as 001.944, without any apparent justification. More logically one would have put such phenomena with 130, Paranormal.


  2. Fred Says:

    I remember Dewey Decimal. We also had Library of Congress numbering.


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