How Trump could be defeated in 2020

When I was growing up in western Maryland, there was a frequently quoted saying: Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.

So long as Democrats campaign against President Trump based on his personality and personal behavior, they will lose.  Like it or not, he will win in any clash of accusations and insults.

The Democrats’ new majority in the House of Representatives gives them an opportunity to shift the attention of the press and public away from the President’s Twitter account and toward issues that affect the well-being of the American public.

By holding hearings on issues such as, Medicare for All,  minimum wage, prescription drug prices, student loan debt, gun-related killings, voter suppression and so on, they can set the stage for a 2020 election campaign based on these issues.

If they are smart, they will focus on issues of particular interest to rural voters—water availability*, agri-business monopoly, optoid addiction, nuclear waste disposal*, access to health care in rural areas, transportation infrastructure in rural areas.

If they are foolish, they will focus on trying to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump himself.

I don’t know what the Mueller investigation will eventually reveal, but Democrats would be foolish to count on Russiagate as a winning issue.  It had nil effect on this year’s elections.

The same with investigations into corruption in the Trump administration.  Investigating corruption in the executive branch is an important duty of Congress, but it will have little political benefit unless the corruption can be shown to do material harm to Americans and unless Democrats can tie it to a constructive alternative proposal of their own.

Running on a platform of economic populism is no reason why Democrats should cease fighting for civil rights for women and minorities or keep silent about police abuse of black people, sexual abuse of women or any other form of abuse.  Black lives matter because all lives matter.


What I’ve written in this post and the previous post are my ideas on what would be winning political strategies.  In both cases, the winning political strategies would move the USA somewhat in the right direction, but would fall short of what I think is needed—to limit and respond to climate change, to avert the danger of nuclear war and to pull back from the wars now going on, to name a few.


Lessons from Tuesday Night by Nathan J. Robinson for Current Affairs.

How Gillums, Abrams and O’Rourke Can Still Win by Vann R. Newark II for The Atlantic.

Democrats Won the House | To Keep Winning, They Need to Move Sharply Left by Miles Kampf-Lessin for In These Times.

Keep It Simple and Take Credit by Jack Meserve for Democracy Journal  [Added 11/9/2018]   Written in 2017, but good advice in any year.

Start the Voter Suppression Hearings Now and Don’t Stop by Hamilton Nolan for Splinter.  [Added 11/9/2018]

Democrats Already Have Their List of Trump Scandals to Investigate | Here It Is by David Corn for Mother Jones.  It is the duty of Congress to investigate scandals regardless of political implications, but this particular list will not bring Democratic victory in 2020..

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