Maybe the shutdown is a goal, not a tactic

I criticized President Trump in a previous post for being willing to close down the government and possibly declaring a national emergency in order to get his way on building fences along the southern border.

But maybe I’ve got things backwards.  Maybe the goal is not to build more border fence, but to shut down the government and declare a national emergency.  This increases his power and frees him from constitutional checks and balances.

I’m not saying this is his plan.  I’m saying his actions are consistent with him having such a plan.

His administration has ordered tens of thousands of federal employees to work without pay, which from his point of view is an ideal situation.  It shifts the cost of the shutdown onto others and shelters him from the political consequences of his nation.

Right-wing plutocrats don’t care about government employees and they don’t care whether the government is well-administered or not.  They regard government regulations as a nuisance and government services as unnecessary.

If government fails to work under their watch, they can say that this just proves that government is a failure.

This also was the attitude of President George W. Bush to some extent.  One thing you can say for President Obama is that he appointed highly qualified people to top administrative positions, and that he was concerned that the government work.

Civil servants don’t advertise.  We the citizens don’t appreciate or even know all the ways we depend on them quietly doing their jobs.  We scorn public service at our peril.


The Government Shutdown Is Bad, But It Could Get Much Worse by Bloomberg News.

A Shutdown for the 99 Percent, Concierge Government for the 1 Percent by Eoin Higgins for The Intercept.

Inside Trump’s Cruel Campaign Against the U.S.D.A.’s Scientists by Michael Lewis for Vanity Fair.

Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming From the White House by Michael Lewis for Vanity Fair.

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4 Responses to “Maybe the shutdown is a goal, not a tactic”

  1. whungerford Says:

    The idea that government can do nothing worthwhile has been often promoted (by John Stossel for one) and perhaps is believed by many who ought to know better.


    • Fred Says:

      Government can do things that are worthwhile. You cannot honestly say that *everything* government does is worthwhile. The same government that runs the civil and criminal justice system and paves the streets also makes war and ensures the elite remain elite. The discussion needs to be about what is worthwhile


  2. electqualfiedmiddleclass Says:

    Excellent observations; I have a relative who is on furlough. I agree that trump changes his mind and switches around so often, his governing ability is nil. He thinks that we do not have a 3 branch system of government and that he can force the American people to pay for a huge non-cost effective wall. He will raise the taxes on the middle class and the working poor to get what he wants. Dictator wannabe, that is the president, sitting in the oval office, never duly elected, and not governing by his sworn oath. The amoral one, just like that anonymous person said in the NT times op/ed in the past year. I am glad that Pelosi is giving him a good fight. She is around his age and much brainier than him. Trump is not only dumb. he is a know it all, a hypocrite, and a sociopath. He has swindled countless people.

    I will add that some proof of presidents who start wars are usually from the very class. HW bush, the Texas oil rich president started desert storm. Later, his rich son, GWBush invaded Iraq. Some observers and intellectual blame those circumstances for bringing about ISIS. I am not so sure. I just read an article on MSN or google by an Israeli about the Palestinians and Israel and how even if Israel was not there, things in the mid east would still be the same (rocky he meant). But this biased writer who was Jewish or part Jewish (I could tell by their name) never once mentioned that Israel never lived up to the promises that were made. In the book by Miko Peled, The General’s son, Peled says how the formation was a trickery; they never intended to give the Pali’s any country. The Israelis treat the Pali’s almost exactly like Hitler treated them, IMO. I have been Palestinian supporter for many years.


    • Fred Says:

      Pelosi loves being in opposition. She has no intention of giving Trump a “real fight”. Her base needs to hate Trump as much as Trump’s needs to hate the Democrats. Hate is where their power comes from.


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