Fantasy League U.S. presidential elections

Click to enlarge. Source Philip Kearney Cartography.

Could Bill Clinton have beaten Donald Trump?  Could Ronald Reagan have beaten Barack Obama?  Who would have won if Bill Clinton had somehow been able to run against Hillary Clinton.  George H.W. Bush, the elder, against George W. Bush, the younger?

A cartographer-blogger named Philip Kearney calculated hypothetical results, based on the percentage of the popular vote each candidate won in each state the first time they ran.  The answers to the questions are “no,” “no,” “Hillary” and “Bush 41.”

Here are some more Kearney charts, showing the best and worst-vote getters for each state since 1972.

Click to enlarge. Source: Philip Kearney Cartography

If you go by the maps above, Barack Obama was the top vote-getter of the past 40 years among the non-incumbent candidates.  It would be interesting to do a comparison of how he did compared to Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in his re-election bid.

Click to enlarge. Source: Philip Kearney Cartography

And finally, hypothetical results if 2018 had been a Presidential election year, based on Democratic and Republican shares of votes for governors, senators and congressional representatives.

Click to enlarge. Source: Philip Kearney Cartography

None of this is proof of anything, of course, but it’s interesting—at least to me.  Click on Philip Kearney Cartography for more maps.

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