The revelations of Wikileaks

[7/11/2020] Julian Assange is going through hearings in Britain to determine whether he will be extradited to the United States to be tried for revealing classified information.  He has suffered a deterioration in his physical and mental health as a result of the conditions under which he is imprisoned, and he is not receiving the benefit of due process of law.  Click on this for recent developments.  The links below are a reminder of what the world owes Assange and of what the powers that be conceal from us.]

Consortium News is publishing a series called “The Revelations of Wikileaks,” a reminder of the the vital Wikileaks disclosures.  They’re valuable reading both for their content and as a reminder of the world’s debt to Julian Assange.

This post consists of links to these articles.  I will add links to additional articles as they are published.

No. 1.  The Video That Put Assange in US Crosshairs.

No. 2.  The Leak That ‘Exposed the True Afghan War’,

No. 3.  The Most Extensive Classified Leak in History.

No. 4.  The Haunting Case of a Belgian Child Killer and How WikiLeaks Helped Crack It.  [Added 7/12/2019]

No. 5.  Busting the Myth that WikiLeaks Never Published Damaging Material on Russia.  [Added 9/25/2019]

No. 6.  US Diplomatic Cables Spark ‘Arab Spring,’ Expose Spying at UN & Elsewhere.  [Added 1/16/2020]

No. 7.  Crimes Revealed at Guantanamo Bay.  [Added 7/11/2020]

No. 8.  Busting the Myth that Wikileaks Published Nothing on Israel & Syria.  [Added 7/11/2020]


[Update 1/16/2020]  Julian Assange is in Britain’s Belmarsh prison, awaiting hearings on whether he will be extradited to the United States on charges of violating the Espionage Act.

He is in solitary confinement 23 hours a day.  His friends say his health is deteriorating and he may not survive to stand trial—which would be convenient for his persecutors.

If a government can operate in secret, commit crimes in secret and prosecute those who reveal its secrets, there is nothing that stands in the way of absolute power and absolute tyranny.

 Julian Assange, as much as any dissident in Russia, China or any other country, is a fighter against tyranny.  He should not be left to die in prison.


Defend Wikileaks by the Courage Foundation.  [Added 1/16/2020]

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  1. Benjamin David Steele Says:

    While we are reminded of the service Assange did for us all, he is at present being tortured into psychosis as punishment for speaking truth to power:

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