Sign of the times

A sign on a tree in Elizabethtown, Pa.  Hat tip to Lambert Strether.


3 Responses to “Sign of the times”

  1. Susan Pfeiffer Says:

    Hi Phil.
    You made me smile today. Great post.
    —New aspiring-blogger here. I’m now signed up with WordPress and Bluehost, and have a domain. It’s a struggle because I’m an old babe who doesn’t speak Geek.
    My WordPress guru and I are going to look at philebersole to model my blog site Inquiring Minds.
    I like your content too.


  2. William Llyd Says:

    “And on the other side, it didn’t say nothin’
    That side was made for you and me” -Woody Guthrie: “This Land is Your Land”

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