Poll shows Trump gain among minority voters (!!)

This is just one poll, but its results are startling to me.  It indicates that President Trump actually is improving his standing among black and Hispanic voters, but not among white voters—although he clearly is still the choice of a majority of white voters.

The SurveyUSA poll is based on comparing Romney/Obama exit polls, Trump/Clinton exit polls and a hypothetical Donald Trump/Elizabeth Warren election if it were held today.  It only includes votes for the two candidates; third-party votes are ignored.

It also indicates that either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden could easily defeat Trump, but that the race would be close if Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg were the Democratic candidate..

Again, this is just one poll among many.  I don’t take it as proof of anything, just an interesting data point.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if increasing numbers of African-Americans and Hispanics favored a candidate who stood for economic nationalism and cultural conservatism.


Survey USA Election Poll #24854.

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One Response to “Poll shows Trump gain among minority voters (!!)”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    Activists love to spout off about what Hispanics believe but outside of simple concepts like justice, liberty, equality, opportunity, education, etc., “minorities” are not homogenous groups. You can believe deeply in those concepts and be still anywhere on the left-right spectrum between Stalin and Hitler.

    There is a lot of Republican sentiment in the Hispanic community. It is neither monolithic nor homogenous. They want to see a road to legal residency and a road to citizenship but they want those roads to be arduous. True or not, the Democrats are *perceived* as wanting to give a green card to everyone who walks across the border for reasons that are far from humanitarian or just.

    There are populations from many different countries with different cultures. There are populations who have been here a long time and those who are very new. They have settled in very different areas. Having a Spanish surname and perhaps darker skin does not mean Cuban, Columbian and Mexican immigrants or long term residents or native citizens or rich or poor will agree about much of anything.

    When I looked at the last election results I saw a surprising level of support for Trump among older self-identified Hispanic women. It was highest in Florida. Go figure…

    Food for thought: Assuming any diverse group is monolithic in its beliefs and customs and behaviors is at the root of racism.

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