Impeachment and the undeclared war with Russia

Historian Stephen F. Cohen pointed out in an interview how Rep. Adam Schiff frames the Trump impeachment in terms of the undeclared war with Russia in Ukraine.

President Trump is accused of pausing military aid to Ukraine for personal, political reasons.  Schiff said that undermines the necessary war against Russia “over there” so “we won’t have to fight them over here.”

In fact, what’s going on in Ukraine is a civil war.  An anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalist government, with Nazis in the governing coalition, came to power in a U.S.-backed coup.

Vladimir Putin seized control of Crimea, location of Russia’s main naval base in the region.  Russian-speaking areas in western Ukraine attempted to secede, provoking a civil war.  Putin has helped his fellow Russians defend themselves, but not march on Kiev.

The best solution would be some sort of compromise that would allow residents of the Donblass and Luhansk regions the minimum amount of autonomy and security they need to feel safe.

The best contribution the U.S. government could make is to join with Germany and France to help mediate between Russia and Ukraine.  But I know of no Republican or Democratic leader who supports this.

Of all possible criticisms of Donald Trump, the idea that he is insufficiently warlike makes the least sense.

Trump has canceled an important nuclear arms treaty with Russia, and seems ready to cancel the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (StART) when it come up for renewal in 2021.  This increases the danger of a possible nuclear war with Russia, a much more real possibility than “having to fight them over here.”

The main differences between the Democratic and Republican leaderships is that the one prioritizes military confrontation with Russia and the other prioritizes military confrontation with Iran.

I recommend watching the interview of Prof. Cohen by Aaron Maté on the video above.

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2 Responses to “Impeachment and the undeclared war with Russia”

  1. whungerford Says:

    I agree that what Adam Schiff said in the quote cited (fight Russia here or there) was wrong. “Fight here or there” reminds me of the erstwhile “domino theory. I think it unfair to say that Schiff either advocated war with Russia or said President Trump was insufficiently warlike. As noted, “President Trump is accused of pausing military aid to Ukraine for personal, political reasons.” The subject of the trial in the Senate is abuse of power and obstruction, not foreign policy.

    I don’t agree that this one statement by Schiff “frames the Trump impeachment in terms of the undeclared war with Russia in Ukraine.”

    The concluding statement isn’t supported by anything that proceeded it. There are many important differences between Democratic and Republican leadership besides foreign policy.


    • philebersole Says:

      Of course I meant the main differences between the two parties on military / diplomatic policy.

      P.S. The post is a commentary on the interview with Prof. Cohen. I strongly recommend viewing it.


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