Taking the coronavirus seriously 2

America’s Coronavirus Response Has Started Slow, But Will Improve by Tyler Cowen for Bloomberg Opinion.

COVID-19 May Be a Public Health Crisis … But Not for the Reason You Think by Isis the Scientist for Skepchick.  [Hat tip to Mike the Mad Biologist.]

White House overrules CDC push for seniors to avoid flights amid coronavirus outbreak by the Associated Press.

Why Can’t America Handle the Coronavirus Crisis? by Matt Stoller for BIG.

Bern Researchers Produce New Coronavirus Fatality Estimate by Kevin Drum for Mother Jones.

Coronavirus Update by worldmeter.  [Added 3/11/2020]  A continuous statistical update.

Coronavirus: Three Vignettes by Yves Smith for Naked Capitalism.  [Added 3/11/2020]

‘It’s Just Everywhere’: How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response by Sheri Fink and Mike Baker for the New York Times [Added 3/11/2020]

Taking the Coronavirus Seriously by Ian Welsh.  [Added 3/11/2020]

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5 Responses to “Taking the coronavirus seriously 2”

  1. whungerford Says:

    The reported number of cases in USA and Italy shown on the graph doubles about every three days; this is exponential growth which is very rapid growth indeed.

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  2. philebersole Says:

    Right you are! If there is a doubling rate every three days, that means the number of cases will increase a thousand-fold in 30 days.


  3. whungerford Says:

    I am puzzled by reports that the spread of the disease has slowed in China. It seems impossible that most everyone spreading the virus has been identified and isolated. I suspect the reports are wrong.


    • philebersole Says:

      An American named Dan Wang in Beijing reported that the Chinese seem to be coping well. He has to show ID to go in and out of his apartment building, and also to give his telephone number and have his temperature taken every time he enters a restaurant or store. These are measures to control the spread of the contagion that, according to him, seem to be working.

      He said everyday Chinese people are pretty much doing everything that’s recommended to slow the spread of the virus.


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  4. whungerford Says:

    Percent seniors by country:

    Japan 28%
    Italy 23%
    USA 16%
    S. Korea 14%
    China 11%



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