China to reopen its filthy live-animal markets

Wet market in Guilin, China in 2014. Business Insider.

The coronavirus pandemic is believed to have originated in filthy live-animal meat markets in Wuhan, China.  Now the Chinese government plans to allow these sources of infection to re-open.

A would-be totalitarian government can’t or won’t enforce basic public health measures.

This endangers not only the Chinese people, but the whole world.

Maybe this is a reflection on human nature.  It is easier to make people give up basic rights as citizens than give up cherished habits.

The point is not whether the Chinese government is mainly to blame for the pandemic.  That is a question for a later time.  The point is to demand that China change its policy once again and safeguard itself and the world.

Although the Chinese authorities originally suppressed news of the coronavirus outbreak, they then responded in a way I thought was magnificent.

Dan Wang, a business researcher, and Don McNeil, a New York Times reporter, described China’s effective quarantine and testing.

The Chinese built new hospitals in a matter of days, sequenced the virus genome and shared the information with the world, and provided needed medical supplies to other nations.

They’re getting a lot of credit for their achievements, which they deserve, but they also deserve condemnation for leaving the causes of the virus outbreak untouched and for spreading propaganda about U.S. biowarfare in order to distract attention from their own failures.

I know my own country’s leaders do not have great credibility.  China’s leaders see an opportunity to enhance their country’s power and prestige and I do not blame them for taking advantage of it.

But they’ll have greater prestige in the long run if they face facts and stop lying.


China’s Assault on the World by Rod Dreher for The American Conservative.  This is a good roundup of all the things the Chinese government is doing wrong.  Dreher advocates severance of all ties with China.  This is easier said than done.

Witnessing Wuhan by Tracy Wen Lui for Project Syndicate [Added 4/3/2020]

Note; I made minor rewrites a few hours after posting this.

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5 Responses to “China to reopen its filthy live-animal markets”

  1. Shell-Shell's🐚tipsandtricks Says:

    Oh no.


  2. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I was crunching the numbers that China gave the WHO. They had several provinces with over a thousand reported cases yet only two, one, or no recorded deaths. I don’t believe it. They also had a policy of not including you as a “diagnosed case” if you tested positive but were asymptomatic – even if you landed in quarantine because of it.

    A lot of infection was probably concealed from officials. Who wants to be schlepped off to an internment cap for the sick?

    About 7000 tests they shipped to Spain were simply defective, further tarnishing the usefulness of their numbers.

    None of this indicates any reason to have confidence in what China says. The response may be magnificent but I see it as sacrificing the ill to protect the healthy. We may never know the totality of what happened there.

    If you want to study the epidemic, analyze what is happening in western countries where the press is free to report.

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  3. philebersole Says:

    It appears as though the Chinese government is holding back the good test kits and other medical supplies and giving away (and exporting?) the defective stuff.

    If so, they’ve greatly harmed the recipients of their supposed charity, and this is going to blow up in their faces. I think this falls under the heading of Machiavellian stupidity.

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  4. philebersole Says:

    It now seems as though the defective products were sold by a particular Chinese company and were not part of the Chinese government’s official aid effort.

    So my suspicion that this was part of an overall plan seems to be unfounded. The Italian government in particular is grateful to China for coming to its aid.

    There’s a lot of self-serving propaganda going around, and it’s hard to know the full story, especially about countries not my own.


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    […] China is planning to reopen its barbarous markets.  On the plus side, the city of Shenzhen is banning the eating of cats and dogs.  If it’s […]


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