Social distancing in the 1918 pandemic

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How they flattened the curve during the 1918 Spanish flu by Nina Strophic and Riley D. Champline for National Geographic.

What the 1918 flu pandemic can teach us about COVID-19 by Sara Chodosh for Popular Science.

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2 Responses to “Social distancing in the 1918 pandemic”

  1. Millie Kanji Says:

    Dear Phil – am sad that as you are all about collecting data, you have not been able to see the wood for the trees!   Were you aware that US citizens are arming themselves with guns, because they know something is not quite right but cannot fathom what it is?   Here’s a taster as to the reality of what’s at stake and that there is NO virus, a ruse created to control for some evil end.  PLEASE have an open mind, which am sure will match your intelligence.. My email herewith was sent to a friend of mine yesterday: QUOTECatherine Austin Fitts – We are Dealing with a Spiritual War really wanted you to watch the next two videos – this is truly what it behind the COVID shutdown.  Don’t be fooled by the title..

    America’s economy is in slow implode mode, and the video link here explains how the Elite (few in a secretive cabal) that have been manipulating not just the markets but the world’s economies, have realized that China has the power to call the loans from the USA and make US bankrupt.  More so because the Chinese have been selling America goods for years on the basis of credit, and so now America has no money to pay back. SO: War between China and America is as I said, but to add further:USA buying goods from China on Credit. The USA now broke so unable to pay the money back, so China can appropriate a lot of USA’s assets.  Instead, the BIG GUNS Elites (who are so corrupt and manipulating the markets/global economies) realizing that America is about to implode are putting these measures to manipulate people with the aim of globalizing 1 currency (Krypto is not a currency but a slave/control system) and wanting to dumbing people down with forced vaccinations and IDs stating you have the vaccine or else not able to buy goods, go to the dentist, etc. etc.. The swamp (Elite) doesn’t want to go transparent because if they keep it a secret and everybody dumb down, they can then keep control of people. 

    As the rule of law is being steady diminishing, the American people realize there is something wrong, although they don’t know what?  So they are arming themselves up with guns.  The Sherriff tried to close the gunshops down, but that would be breaking the 1st amendment, hence they have not been able to do so.  So people in their droves are buying guns and getting ready for something they don’t quite understand yet! Watch it if you can understand it, very very interesting.. This Event Was a Coordinated Last Ditch Effort by The (DS), Moves &Countermoves: Dr. Shiva second video is by Dr. Vashiva (who created email at the age of 14!) he’s a genius, has a PhD in Biological Engineering – knows everything about the body systems, and is telling us that we are being lied to about the covid.  That there is no virus.  Besides the human body has an innate immunity to deal with external germs/viruses.  Tells us how we can guard ourselves for the onslaught of what is coming.UNQUOTE Unbelievable I know right? Have a good day, and my words are not as succinctly put as yours Dear Phil, for I cannot contain my anxiety at the thought of the collapse of the human race.  Yes 7bn of us worldwide, and 4bn only needed on Planet Earth.  Mass extinction been happening since the late 1980’s with covert killings of the elderly.  Guugle Prof. Patrick Pulliccino (Neurologist) who blew whistle on our NHS ( in 2012 that 120,000 per annum (figures tgen) being eliminated – euthenazia without consent because our Ponzie scheme broke and no longer have enough funds (these have been missappropriated) to pay for our retirement, even though we paid handsomely into the system!  Am in tiuch with the Prof. who was so disgusted that doctors are not healers but turned Killers, hecwas ordaned into the priesthood last August/September. By the way myvhusband was victim of euthenasia w/o consent in 2018, and my brother with heart condition slowly poisoned being made another covidcstatistic a few days ago, instead of the reality that his death iatrogenically induced! Have a good day dear Phil, may you be guarded and safe from evil doings.MilliK

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    • philebersole Says:

      Hello, Millie –

      The nature of influenza viruses and coronaviruses has been thoroughly studied for decades. People are dying of the COVID-19 virus all over the world. The number is relatively small in my part of the world, but doubling every week or so. I don’t know what you mean by saying the COVID-19 virus does not exist.

      The troublesome thing as far as I’m concerned is not that the USA and UK are responding to a crisis that does not exist, but that the USA and (based on what little I know) the UK have hollowed out their capacity to respond.

      The factories that produce vaccines and other essential medical supplies are physically located in China, and can be cut off. That is much more concerning to me than the balance sheet problem.

      I hope that you and your loved ones do everything necessary to keep yourselves safe, and that you are all alive and well this time next year.


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