Arguing about the coronavirus

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2 Responses to “Arguing about the coronavirus”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:



  2. howdidthishappen755112381 Says:

    In Sweden, with socialized medicine and no full lockdown, no grade school closures, there’s a reported COVID-19 death toll of 0.01% of people infected. Neighboring Denmark imposed the full lockdown. The difference in death toll was negligible: 0.006% – but what will be the toll of the Greater Depression that stems from the lockdown, not the coronavirus? The Great Depression resulted in the premature deaths of 7 million Americans over the decade of the 1930s. The unemployment rate in the US this week is already more than double what was reported in the depths of the Great Depression. Those 7 million, many of them children, died of hunger, exposure, treatable diseases, and for the adults, despair, increased suicides. Incredibly, US hospitals in some parts of the country have laid off doctors and nurses during this “pandemic” – this is a psyop.


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