Is disrespecting George Floyd a firing offense?

An assistant district attorney in Monroe County, New York, where I live, resigned after activists reported he disrespected George Floyd on personal social media.

Daniel Strollo posted, “7 funerals, a golden casket, and broadcast for a man who was a violent felon and career criminal?  Soldiers die and the family gets a flag.”   The post has since been deleted.

Expressing a critical opinion of George Floyd should not be a firing offense.  That would be true even if Floyd wasn’t, in fact, a violent felon.

His family and loved ones say he was reformed. Maybe he was.  Maybe he wasn’t. One disadvantage of being dead is that Floyd is unable to give his side of the story.

All this is beside the point. The point is that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin apparently squeezed the life out of a handcuffed, helpless man in broad daylight, and might have suffered no consequences if the killing hadn’t been recorded on video and if there hadn’t been protest.

It doesn’t really matter whether George Floyd was a nice person or not.  What matters is that he was a human being, and no human being deserves to die the way he did.  Hopefully the Black Lives Matter protests will result in fewer wrongful deaths at the hands of police.

Everyone deserves equal justice under the law.  There cannot be one law for supposedly good people and another law for supposedly bad people.

No-one should be above obedience to the law, and no-one should be below protection of the law.  All lives should matter, including George Floyd’s.


Background Check: Investigating George Floyd’s Criminal Record by Jessica Lee for

Does This Flyer Accurately Represent Derek Chauvin’s Police Actions? by Jessica Lee for


3 Responses to “Is disrespecting George Floyd a firing offense?”

  1. silverapplequeen Says:

    He wasn’t a career criminal. He had many other jobs. He was convicted of some petty offenses; whether or not he was actually guilty of these crimes is unknown, since he took a plea bargain, which many people (especially poor people with public defenders) do because that’s the best deal they are going to get. He was a mentor in his church & he was LOVED by his community. To me, that speaks volumes. I know that most (suburban, upper class, well-to-do) white folks can’t understand that. Going to jail for ANY reason means you’re guilty of the crime for which you were arrested but the fact is, that is not true.

    People should stop measuring other people by their own yard sticks. I used to cry about living in poverty … now I see it was one of the greatest gifts that was ever given to me. I don’t really identify with Fairport, NY anymore. I am definitely of the hood now.


  2. silverapplequeen Says:

    Also, the ADA wasn’t fired. He resigned. That was HIS choice. & it was HIS poor choice to shoot off his mouth on social media the way he did. As a public official, he should know better. I’m sure he’ll have a lucrative private practice. I don’t feel sorry for him at all.


  3. Rich Guilfoyle Says:

    On its face, I agree with Phil. I do not think Strollo should have been fired (skip parsing the nuances of “resigned” v “ fired”…he was fired).

    I do think Strollo chiseled out a false equivalency between Floyd and the unsung fallen American soldier.

    The only question, for me, is why…what was his motive? I do not see dog whistle racism ~ .might be. I do not think Strollo was suggesting what happened to Floyd, murdered, wasn’t deserving of grandiosity but rather it begs the contrast with marginalized others.

    Strollo is (was) in the “felony” business ~ every day.. His meaning and intent may be quite different that those who occasionally bump up against the term.

    Though as an ADA he should/ought be held to a higher standard commenting on legal matters, I both defend/encourage his (and our) right to say without fear of reprisal and punitive censorship. It’s a nuanced thing ~ much like the SOTUS standard on pornography, you’ll know it when you see it.

    I do not see it.


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