A short story of the haunted Internet

The Basilisk by Paul Kingsnorth for emergence magazine.


5 Responses to “A short story of the haunted Internet”

  1. William Elwell Says:

    A good read. Persuasive.


  2. davidgmarkham Says:

    Thanks Phil for the reference to the story and to Emergence magazine. It’s interesting how we struggle as humans to find a meta narrative for our shared experience of the rapid and huge societal change we are undergoing.

    If I had to choose between the two metaphors that Paul Kingsnorth is describing, I go with the the nature Fairies. Mother Nature as the Higher Power seems to fit better than some demonic god which is atavistic reference to Satan, the Devil and his legions.

    We have other choices though for the construction of a meta-narrative and I prefer the interdependent web of all existence which is eternal and has little interest in the nonsense we humans create in the world of the ego.

    The thing that most struck me from the story was the comment about how nobody writes letters any more and we have been reduced to sensationalized factoids rather than an ability to connect the dots and develop deeper contextualized understandings of our experience.

    Thank you Phil for the great work you do on your blog. Can I consider many of your articles as “Letters from Phil?”

    David Markham


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