President Kamala Harris?

Joe Biden’s political record consists of support for banking and finance and support for the police.  Kamala Harris’s record is the same.  I don’t see any reason to think they would change while in office.

I can’t see any reason for voting for them except the belief that virtually anyone would be better than Donald Trump or Mike Pence.  Or the symbolic value of electing someone who is a woman, a person of color and the descendant of Jamaican and south Asian immigrants.

As for myself, I don’t intend to vote for either a Democratic or Republican presidential candidate unless they give me a positive reason for doing so.

The United States faces multiple crises—a pandemic, catastrophic climate change and an economic crisis comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s—and it faces with a government that is locked into perpetual war and serving the interests of the financial elite.

No matter which candidate wins, he is likely to be remembered as the Herbert Hoover of the 2020s.  Recall that Hoover’s Vice President Charles Curtis, a hard-line right-wing Republican, was partly of American Indian ancestry and spent part of his childhood on a reservation.  That is an indication of how much and how little a public official’s ancestry matters.

Here’s a view of Kamala Harris by Branko Marcetic of Jacobin magazine.

Far from the “progressive prosecutor” Harris has been masquerading as since angling for a 2020 run, her record bears no resemblance to figures who might actually fit that description, like Larry Krasner or Keith Ellison.

Even in a party that embraced Biden- and Clinton-style tough-on-crime policies, Harris stands out for her cruelty: she fought to keep innocent people in jail, blocked payouts to the wrongfully convicted, argued for keeping non-violent offenders in jail as a source of cheap labor, withheld evidence that could have freed numerous prisoners, tried to dismiss a suit to end solitary confinement in California, and denied gender reassignment surgery to trans inmates.

A recent report detailed how Harris risked being held in contempt of court for resisting a court order to release non-violent prisoners, which one law professor compared to Southern resistance to 1950s desegregation orders.

Harris loves to laugh.  Watching Harris cackling like a cartoon villain about prosecuting parents of truant schoolkids is one of the more bone-chilling things you’re likely to see in politics.

Other things Harris found funny? The idea of building schools rather than prisons, and the concept of legalizing pot.

Five years later she laughed again, this time while running for president and fondly recalling her pot-smoking days, as she mugged for a younger audience.

Extra hilarious was the fact that her office had convicted nearly 2,000 people for marijuana offenses while she was San Francisco’s district attorney.

Harris’s callousness toward the poor and powerless has been matched only by her sympathy for the rich and powerful.

Most notoriously, Harris overruled her own office’s recommendation to prosecute the predatory bank of current Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, who later donated to her Senate campaign, then allegedly tried to cover up her inaction.

Despite California’s status as the epicenter of foreclosure scams, Harris’s Mortgage Fraud Strike Force prosecuted fewer cases of foreclosure consultant fraud than many county DAs.

Rather than use her office to constrain the growth of tech monopolies, emails recently obtained by the Huffington Post show she courted them, receiving significant financial backing from Silicon Valley in return.

Source:  Jacobin

Here’s the view of Rod Dreher, who writes for The American Conservative.

Harris is woke on all the social issues, but some progressives don’t like her because of the years she spent as a prosecutor in California. You might recall how Tulsi Gabbard rattled Harris in a Democratic candidates’ debate by grilling her on her prosecution of marijuana offenders.

Overall, though, this reputation will help Biden, I believe.  No progressive with a lick of sense is going to sit out the election because Officer Kamala is on the ticket.

Given all the rioting this year, it is likely an advantage for Biden to be able to say he has a law-and-order progressive on his ticket — however phony that claim might be.  Remember, Biden doesn’t need the pothead vote; he needs the wine-mom vote.

Finally, Biden surely knows that given his age, he is likely to be a one-term president, meaning that win or lose this fall, his VP choice will probably head the Democratic ticket in 2024 — and is a favorite to lead the party after he passes from the scene. The Harris choice is a solid bet on the future of the party. So what’s wrong with her?

First, from a purely strategic point of view, choosing an aggressively leftist San Francisco Democrat is likely to rally some Republican voters who were going to sit this election out.

And note well that she had very little support from black voters in the primary.  I certainly don’t think she is going to cost Biden support with those voters this fall, but …… she did not resonate with them — and it signals deeper problems.

Now, from the point of view of religious and social conservatives, I think Harris is very bad news. Alexandra De Sanctis recalls how Sen. Harris insinuated that a Catholic judicial nominee’s membership in the Knights of Columbus disqualifying.

Harris, whose record shows her to be one of the most left-wing members of the Senate, will become the de facto leader of the Democratic Party no matter what happens in November.

I doubt that she will be significantly more progressive than any other Democrat that Biden could have picked, but the fact that she is so relatively young, and so stylistically vigorous, means that the Democrats in power are going to be very aggressively anti-conservative on social issues for the foreseeable future.  [snip]

All of her left-wing vigor, both as a vice-presidential candidate and in whatever her promising future brings, will be directed at social conservatives. The fact that Wall Street considers her to be a “moderate” tells you everything.  Joe Biden has made a choice that is safe for Woke Capitalism.

Source: The American Conservative

Finally, the view of blogger Ian Welsh.

Kamala is ruthless and ambitious, a hard person willing to do whatever it takes to win.  That might be acceptable but her ruthlessness has been used mostly in favor of doing evil. (Rather long list.)

Particularly comic book villain evil was fighting to keep someone she knew innocent in prison.  You have to be particularly twisted to do that.

Of course Wall Street is thrilled, they know they can’t lose. Trump/Pence win, great! Biden/Harris win, great! If either President dies, the person who replaces them will take great care of rich people whose money comes from parasitical rentierism and direct financial subsidies from the Federal Reserve.

Biden/Harris will be worse in foreign affairs than Trump has been (despite screams).  Domestically they’ll be somewhat better, but will keep the shovels feeding trillions to the rich going.  American decline will continue.

In four to twelve years, odds are Donald Trump’s true successor, the competent authoritarian “populist” will win, and that’ll be all she wrote.

Source: Ian Welsh

You need to click on the original articles to get links backing up the writers’ assertions.


Joe Biden Has Found His Neoliberal Match in Kamala Harris by Branko Marcetic for Jacobin magazine.

Kamala: Woke Capitalism’s Dream Pick by Rod Dreher for The American Conservative.

Biden Picks Kamala Harris as VP by Ian Welsh.

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  1. silverapplequeen Says:

    I agree with much of what you’re saying but I don’t see why prisoners should get gender “reassignment” on the taxpayer’s dime. Generally it’s men who want to be put into women’s prisons. & women don’t want them there. Create prisons for these people or leave them where they’re already are.


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