“Celui qui tombe” (He who falls)

Dancers guided by choreographer Yoann Bourgeois used a spinning turntable and centrifugal force to do things not ordinarily possible.


Turntable Acrobats Performing Centripetal Illusions by Jason Kottke for kottke.org.

He Who Falls (Celui qui tombe) review – hyper-skilled and remote by Luke Jennings for The Guardian.

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One Response to ““Celui qui tombe” (He who falls)”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    That’s incredible! It reminds me of the treadmill of life. I think it is a direct reference to the Red Queen’s race from “Alice in Wonderland.” Running as fast as you can just to stay in place.

    In the middle of the performance, they seem to have figured out that its ok not to worry about keeping up and that you can use the energy of the treadmill to make life better rather than fighting it in a futile effort to get ahead.

    But then they fall back into the trap of chasing a goal that recedes as fast as they run. Ultimately they fall, having got nowhere. The “winner: shares the fate of everyone else and all that running just caused everyone to fall sooner.

    The song is about the archetype of the self-made man who has accomplished everything he set out to do despite all obstacles. Now he can relax and look back with satisfaction on both his successes and failures. Of course, such a man did not run on the treadmill to get where he got. He was too smart and self-aware to do that. Yet the people here are running to try to get where he’s at, a place the treadmill does not go.

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