A tribute to David Graeber

David Graeber, author of Debt: the First 5,000 Years and Bullshit Jobs: a Theory, died Wednesday.

His writings made me take anarchism seriously as a possible alternative to monopoly capitalism and state socialism

Click on the link below to read one of his best essays.

The Shock of Victory: An Essay by David Greaber–And a Short Eulogy for Him.


One Response to “A tribute to David Graeber”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I was reading his essay about the “shock of victory” and it brought back memories. Back in the 70s Dow Chemical and Consumer Power wanted to build a nuclear power plant next to Midland MI where I was living. I was just a kid at the time.

    The plant was to supply cheap power to the region and superheated steam for use in Dow’s local chemical plant. A group of locals formed up and called themselves “The Intervenors” and fought the plant tooth and nail, with protests and lawsuits every step of the way. They brought progress to a near standstill for ten years. My cousin was a truck driver who brought supplies to the construction site.

    My cousin is a very sharp guy. He never missed an opportunity to talk to the construction workers and he learned that they’d encountered a problem. The nuclear plant needed foundations that anchored to bedrock. The workers just kept digging and gigging and boring holes and not reaching the bedrock they’d expected would be there. It was like hundreds of feet of mucky swamp had just piled on top of itself over the millennia. Eventually, it became apparent that building a nuclear power plant was just too expensive.

    In a desperate bid to save the hundreds on millions of dollars poured into this hole, suddenly it wasn’t nuclear any more but now a natural gas plant with far less rigid requirements. Consumer power got its electrical generation but not as much as it wanted. Dow still got its steam, just not as hot as it wanted. The interveners went back to ordinary life.

    They weren’t just a bunch of “left-wing fruit and nut cases.” Though that’s what they were painted as. My father was a conservative Republican in the Barry Goldwater mode.

    I don’t have a hate for nuclear power. I just don’t think the technology had matured 50 tears ago. The engineer inside me tells me we could do much better. But the manufacturers are still wedded to the past and the operators are still focused on maximizing profitability over reliability.

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