The passing scene: Links and charts 8/9/2020

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Some graphs and comments by Tony Wikrent on Ian Welsh’s blog.

UNITED STATES OF INEQUALITY: 2020 and the Great Divide on Capital and Main (Hat tip to Bill Harvey)

2 Responses to “The passing scene: Links and charts 8/9/2020”

  1. silverapplequeen Says:

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    I’ve always like charts


  2. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I’m not sure income inequality is a particularly good pole to hang a flag from. I don’t see an inherent conflict between having everyone brought up to a minimum level of security and comfort and still having the rich and the super-rich.

    I don’t believe most of the people in the top wealth tier actively want there to be poor on the streets or working-class folks worrying about eviction or people bankrupted by illness. Making the rich the targets just makes them into very powerful enemies.

    Class warfare is as productive of hate as any other kind of warfare. ANY kind of hate is socially counterproductive and morally dubious – even if someone has been propagandized into thinking that the “2%ers” deserve to be hated.


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