Who did Trump infect with COVID-19?

It is possible to ignore reality, but it is not possible to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. [Attributed to Ayn Rand]

“Lambert Strether” on Naked Capitalism had some good questions.

On the case of COVID-19 that POTUS and FLOTUS both have, outcomes range from the entire political class being infected to Trump emerging from a mild case, victorious and indestructible, after having dominated the news cycle for two weeks without saying anything (unless he tweets his way through, like AOC).

What we need is some good, old-fashioned epidemiological contact tracing of Trump’s circle from public sources, with a handy map (i.e., with what we know now, it’s easy but wrong to say Hope Hicks gave it to Trump, since both could have gotten it from a common third party).

It would be ideal to know if there are any superspreaders involved. Mere timelines are insufficient.

On whether Trump gave Covid to Biden at the debate through aerosol transmission by talking or shouting, I would very much like to know about the HVAC system in the auditorium and potential circulation patterns, since, with aerosols, social-distancing the podia would not be sufficient for safety.

I would want to know if outside air is circulated, and (speculating, here) I would like to know if TV lighting has any effects. I would also want to know who, if anybody, on the various staffs involved checked all this out.

Presumably some news-gathering organization, if any such still exist, has devoted some real resources to answering questions like these.

Source: Naked Capitalism.

Kevin Drum noted:

At Trump events, it’s considered de rigueur to go maskless. Don’t want to upset Donald, after all. So naturally everyone was maskless at Trump’s announcement event for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The result so far? Sen. Mike Lee is now positive for coronavirus. Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins is positive for coronavirus. RNC chair Ronna McDaniel wasn’t there, but she’s around the president and his staff all the time. Now they all have COVID-19 and more are sure to follow.

Source: Kevin Drum – Mother Jones

Added 10/3/2020

Here is a list from Axios of people close to President Trump who have tested positive or the COVID virus as of Saturday morning.

  • Melania Trump
  • White House aide Hope Hicks
  • RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
  • Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah
  • Sen. Thom Tillis, R-NC
  • Former Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway
  • Trump campaign manager Bill Stephen


Trump Joins Growing List of Virus-Infected World Leaders by the Associated Press.

Trump’s Post-Debate COVID-19 Case Is What Experts Feared by Jamie Ducharme for Time.

COVID-19 Exposes Trump’s Sociopathic Side Like Nothing Before It by Kevin Drum or Mother Jonres. [Added 10/5/2020]  A slightly longer casualty list than the one above,

White House coronavirus tracker: Who close to the President has tested positive by Ursula Perano and Sam Baker for Axios.  [Added 10/6/2020]  This is being continually updated/  It probably doesn’t get the low-level employee—waiters, cleaners, etc—who might have been exposed.  Also, there are a certain number of false posptives and false negatives in the COVID tests.


I updated this post several times and changed the headline on Friday some time after the original post.

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One Response to “Who did Trump infect with COVID-19?”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    This could be the hand of divine justice here. Maybe shut Trump down from campaigning during a critical time. I’d like to think he could learn some humility but I doubt it.. Utah Senator Mike Lee also tested positive…

    Real Clear Politcs uses an average of several national polls and shows Biden ahead nationally by 7+ points and averaging 3 points ahead in “battleground” states. *If it holds* that’s too big a lead for any amount of “cheating” to overcome. One point bump after the debate. The Senate is close but better than 50-50 chance of a one vote Democratic Senate majority.

    I don’t know if having Biden as president is good. He is far less bad than having Trump, so I am optimistic.


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