From Obama to Trump

I came across this interview with Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster and campaign strategist, on the Naked Capitalism web log today. 

It was done back in January.  I happened to turn it on and kept watching until the end.  It’s an hour long, another video that’s a little long to watch on a computer screen, but you can listen to it while doing something else, such as making and eating breakfast.

I don’t agree with everything Luntz had to say, he’s more inclined to give some people the benefit of the doubt than I am, but he is someone who gets around and who actually listens to people, and he had interesting things to say. 

I’m not sure the whole PBS Frontline series is worth watching,  but here are the links if you’re interested.

America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Part One.

America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Part Two.

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One Response to “From Obama to Trump”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    Damn! He hit it square on. When you ramp up the pain enough, people get angry. When people get angry, they stop thinking and start emoting.

    I personally believe that the right-left schism exists as it does today because the social conservatives do not believe there is any place for them in this country. They believe they are officially marked for extinction. There is no place in the country for you.

    When Luntz mentioned that Obama supporter who told him “What are you doing here? This is OUR inauguration.” BINGO! That is how the country perceived it. The left felt it was in charge and ignored the other half of the population. Actually rubbed their noses in it. The social conservatives felt like an endangered species. H. Clinton did this in spades and lost what should have been a lead pipe cinch.

    The parties are so far apart while Main Street America always favors a compromise. It always favors inclusiveness. Unlike the extremes, they favor diversity. The parties do not now support diversity, they support a monoculture of opinion where diversity is punished.


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