A choice between bad and worse

I voted by mail several weeks ago for Howie Hawkins, the Presidential candidate of the Green Party.

My idea was to send a message that neither Donald Trump or Joe Biden is acceptable.  I would vote for Jo Jorgenson of the Libertarian Party if she were the only alternative.

The question is not, as in the last few Presidential elections, which candidate has the best policies. 

The question is whether either of them are capable of dealing with the coming perfect storm of emergencies—the pandemic, unemployment, a financial crisis, disruptions in international trade and emergencies caused by drought, fires, floods and storms brought on by global warming.

Based on their records, I have no confidence in either of them.

I live in New York state, which is virtually certain to go for Joe Biden, so nothing was at stake in my vote.

I think there is great danger of civil disorder if Donald Trump claims victory tomorrow night on the basis of early returns or if he actually ekes out a narrow victory.

His margin of alleged or real victory, if there is one, would almost certainly be the result of purging of voter rolls or manipulating the election progress. Greg Palast has done good reporting on this.

And most major and many small U.S. cities have had George Floyd protests, so there is a core group that is ready and able to mount a protest on short notice.

I don’t know how I would have voted if I lived in a swing state. I certainly would not have voted for Donald Trump, but I don’t think I could have brought myself to vote for Biden.


The Day Before the U.S. Election by Ian Welsh.

Donald Trump Exposed Truths About Both Parties by Ross Douthat for The New York Times.

How Trump damaged science—and why it could take decades to recover by Jeff Tolletson for Nature.

Deluge After the Donald? by Ted Rall.

We Can’t Follow Obama Back to Brunch by David Sirota and Andrew Perez for The Daily Poster.

America’s Panic Attack Could Soon Be Over—But It’s Just the Beginning by David Sirota for The Daily Poster [Added 11/3/2020]

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4 Responses to “A choice between bad and worse”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I can’t wait to see how he handles China’s takeover of the South China Sea, and Russia’s belligerence in Ukraine and the Mideast. (Rolls eyes.)


    • philebersole Says:

      Well, Fred, if you’re on-board with military confrontation with China and Russia, Biden’s your man.

      He was part of the Obama administration, and it was the Obama administration that began a military “pivot to Asia” to confront China.

      It was the Obama administration that engineered the installation of an anti-Russian government in Ukraine, and Biden was in charge of the implementation of this.

      It was the Obama administration that funded private armies to attempt to overthrow Russia’s ally Assad in Syria.

      Biden has attacked Trump from the right, as being an appeaser. If Trump is an appeaser, he is only an appeaser of the war faction in the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies and Congress.

      There may be some slim hope that BIden will balk at allowing the START treaty to lapse and restarting the nuclear arms race, but I don’t count on it.

      If I lived on another planet, I would be amused at the hypocrisy and lies among all but a few politicians and the willing self-deception of so much of the public, and the horrible consequences awaiting them.

      But since I’m stuck here on Earth along with everybody else, I worry about how the USA and the world are going to get through the next four years. And the next 40 years.

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      • Fred (Au Natural) Says:

        I am hoping that Biden will reinvigorate the arms control process. I am not holding my breath. No country will allow itself to get below MAD levels of nuclear weapons against any likely conbination of opponents but I do believe there’s room for a lot of reductions. New types of strategic wepons are complcating things.

        I am hoping that Biden will take a “malice towards none and charity towards all” approach to healing the country after the great political divisions we’ve experienced. No matter what some may think, Trump voters are not “deplorables,” they are living feeling human baings with hope and fears and aspirations just like the rest of us. I think he might take a swing at it but I don’t believe the rest of the party leadership will go for it. I have no idea how that will shake out.

        I am “on board” with some degree of confrontation with China and Russia. I would have been on board with early confrontation with Hitler and Tojo. China has an aggressive new emperor and Russia has an aggressive Czar. They are setting about their aggression by a technique called ‘salami slicing.” If you can’t take what you want all at once you take a nibble here and a nibble there and evetually you’ll have everything you’re after. No one nibble will seem to be worth a fight. China will control Austral-Asia and Russia will get her old empire back.

        The best we can do is working with our allies to hold some kind of line until the current leadership is replaced with someone less bellicose. That doesn’t require Cold War but it does require firmness.

        Sic pacem parabellum.


      • philebersole Says:

        It is a vital interest of Russia to prevent its naval base in Crimea from falling into enemy hands, and to protect the Russian-speaking minority from massacre.

        It is a vital interest of China to control the South China Sea so as to prevent any hostile country from being able to blockade China’s ports.

        It is in the interest of both Russia and China to prevent a hostile power from gaining control of the oil of the Middle East.

        I don’t see them acting in their interests as evidence of Hitler-Tojo dreams of world conquest.

        From the standpoint of the rest of the world, it is the USA that has world domination as a goal—not through annexation of territory, but through a worldwide network of military bases and the financial power to wage economic war against any country that resists.

        Neither Russia nor China threatens the American homeland. There is no need or benefit in waging a Cold War against these countries.

        China (but not Russia) is growing power that is overtaking the United States in terms of economic, geopolitical and technological power.

        The best response to this is to rebuild our own economic and technological power, and to try to wean nations such as Russia and Iran away from dependence on China.


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