The rise of a multi-racial extreme right

Culture and Belonging in the USA: Multiracial Organizing on the Contemporary Far Right by Cloee Cooper and Daryle Lamont Jenkins for The Public Eye.

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2 Responses to “The rise of a multi-racial extreme right”

  1. Bill Harvey Says:

    I can’t get with it, Phil. I only skimmed the article so I’m sure I’m not doing the topic justice, but how much of our attention does it deserve? Sprinkle in a Japanese-American guy, a Samoan guy, and a black guy from Columbus, and, Hello, we’ve got something else to worry about. We’ve already got enough cwazy white people to contend with. Likely there’s some good sociology of marginalized young men to be done here, but I’ve got a full plate already.



    • philebersole Says:

      I suppose the article is not terribly significant in itself, except as an indication that the appeal of nationalism and cultural conservatism is not limited to white people, and that people of different races don’t necessarily stay in their assigned political lanes.


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