Teaching racial justice isn’t racial justice

Teaching Racial Justice Isn’t Racial Justice by Benjamin Y. Fong for The New York Times. There is a place for education in the fight against racism, Fong wrote, but we shouldn’t confuse it with the fight itself. [Hat tip to Steve from Texas]

2 Responses to “Teaching racial justice isn’t racial justice”

  1. davidgmarkham Says:

    Racial justice isn’t about knowledge, it’s about practice. Having read Caste by Isabel Wilkerson, the idea of America’s caste system is now more visible than ever. The caste system needs to be dismantled. Unfortunately, it is alive and well.


  2. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I’m not particularly happy about the whole “racial justice” concept. The more you focus on race as a delimiting factor, the more you turn it into an “us v. them” situation. It focuses on the color of one’s skin and ignores the content of one’s character. Race is an *artificial* concept. If so many didn’t hold it tightly to their breasts, racism would soon lose its force. We ought not to encourage that.

    Justice can never be anything but an individual concept. I am not guilty of anything done by southern plantation owners or George Wallace segregationists or the Klan or bullies in blue looking for their next victims. Trying to make people feel guilty over the accident of the color of their skin is a losing proposition.

    Focus on what unites us and the rights every person deserves. That is how you move away from racism. Not jealousy for what others have but to be given that which is rightfully yours.

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