The twilight of academic freedom

R.I.P. The University, b. 1088, d. 2020, of Covid by “Lambert Strether” for Naked Capitalism.


One Response to “The twilight of academic freedom”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    Have we ever been academically free? Maybe a few institutions in the past, none recently. Today we are free to choose which set of biases to embrace by picking which school we go to but once there it is a straight jacket. Publicly funded schools have tended to fall off the deep end of left-wing political correctness while conservatism is mostly to be found in private schools.

    IMHO, to have an easily discernable bias is a fatal flaw in an educational establishment. My opinion plus a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee in a cheap restaurant.

    There are very deep reasons why the far left has come to dominate higher education but the mere fact that a right-wing even exists is evidence that universities are not so influential as they might believe.


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